Monday, December 04, 2006

No Room at the Inn?

What a whirlwind weekend that was!

I started Shimelle's online class and tried to post pictures of the pages I've done so far. Apparently, Blogger is being difficult, so I can't upload them. Grrr. I'm gonna try later because my computer has also been acting up.

Saturday morning, we got up and left the house early to go and find a tree. We wanted to go early because Jessica had to leave for work by 10:30. We went to the usual place we get our tree, only to discover that they were closed for the year. We were really sad about that. Usually we have no trouble finding a good tree, and they charge a flat $25 for any tree. Very cool. We left and drove back toward the house. We saw another sign for U-Cut, so we went there, but they weren't open until 10. We headed back out and found another one (lucky for us there were a bunch in the area). We drove in and saw price tags hanging from the trees and that totally turned Tim off because for a tiny fir tree, they were charging $50. We turned around and left. By that time, we had to get Jessica back home to get ready for work, so we dropped her off and then headed back to the farm that was closed. They had quite a crowd of people milling around. They didn't have any Douglas Fir trees though; only Grand, Frazier and Noble. We don't like the Nobles, the Fraziers were cute (different) but were really expensive (minimum of $75), so we decided on a Grand. Even at that it was $50, but we didn't have much choice at that point. Tim wasn't very happy about it. He got down to cut and the saw wasn't so hot. It took him *forever* to cut through the base. He got quite a workout and extremely muddy at the same time. Anyway, we finally got it (with help) to the car and tied down. Everyone who walked by kept saying "that is a huge tree," which I thought was funny. It is only 7 1/2 feet tall... but I think that it must be more than that around. It is so round and full, it is kind of crazy. When you're out in the middle of all of those trees, you don't really realize it, but when we tried to get it through the door, we had a challenge. But we got it in and into the stand.

We dug out a bunch of our tubs of Christmas stuff and realized we needed more ornaments and lights. So we put the decorating on hold and went to Target. I got some cute lime green and aqua garlands and ornaments. That is the theme for the year (along with all of the individual ornaments collected over the years).

I also got Kate THE cutest coat. It is red and velvety (with black cuffs). It has a hood and is beaded on the back. Soooo cute. Since we're getting her picture taken with Santa next weekend (at the dog store), I thought she could wear her new outfit. :)

On the way home, we stopped at McClendon's to get some outdoor lights. You can do your own for like $3 a strand. Very cool and then you don't have to have the colors you don't like.

We got home just in timei to head out to the Santa Parade. The main street in town is less than three blocks from us, so we walked over and caught most of it. We didn't stick around for the tree lighting or the reception because we were cold and getting tired/hungry.

We headed up to Linen's & Things after that and picked up a new rolling pin (for Christmas cookies) since Emily lost the end to our old one. We had a Tupperware one that was plastic and you filled it with water. Now you can't use it because the lid is gone.

Saturday evening, my friend, Casey called. She had asked me to help them watch their B&B while they were gone for a few days to a conference. They wanted me to come down Sunday morning to see how they do things.

I got up at 6:15 and headed down to Olympia. I got there and watched them do their breakfast. We chatted for awhile and they gave me the rest of the instructions. They were telling me that it would be easy because they were only booked with one guest.

After that, I drove home and picked up Tim. We went up to the Seattle Center to the Urban Craft Uprising show that was held in the Exhibition Hall. I thought that Tim was going to drop over dead with all of the "alternative" stuff they had there. I liked some of it, but couldn't really afford the stuff that I liked. I did get a cool journal that I can't wait to use.

We had a late lunch and headed home. Tim got out and put up our outdoor lights while I decorated the tree. Then I made calzones for dinner (first attempt).

Casey called last evening to tell me that they were suprised and wanted me to know that they had ended up booking other guests. So I will have a little more complicated stay. :)

I came down today and arrived around noon. I'm waiting for the second guest to arrive and then I'm going to head out and pick up stuff for dinner. Tim is coming down later. We'll get to use the romantic honeymoon-type room (unless someone magically shows up and takes it at the last minute).

It should be interesting. Their dog is kind of going crazy and doing stuff she's not supposed to be doing because, like a kid, she's trying to push the boundaries. The cat is as well. It is lots of work to keep them under control. :) The guests should be much more simple. LOL.

I'm making "Decadent French Toast" for tomorrow morning's breakfast, and then making a havarti/mushroom omlette on Wednesday. Should be interesting. I've also brought along a few cookies to frost/decorate while I'm waiting around. I got plain sugar cookie men at the bakery and just have to frost them. Then I'm going to try to catch up on some scrapbooking. :)

Hopefully this whole innsitting thing will work out and I won't screw anything up! I'd hate to do that!!


tamra said...

busy indeed! Glad you got your Christmas decorating done :) Have fun at the B&B! Hope you can get a good room and no more people show up.

miyon said...

Very eventful! Mine was pretty unproductive, unfortunately.

When Blogger stops being a poopoo head, post some pics of Kate in her coat!