Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bad Grandma

Everyone has been giving me a hard time and threatening to revoke my Grandma card because I have no pictures of Kennedy.  I misplaced the camera (hiding in a bag), so luckily I found it this morning so Jessica could get pictures during the day.  I still have to upload/send to get printed, but at least I have a few to share (stolen from Jessica’s Facebook page). 

sucks on fist He-who-sucks-on-fistangry face Angry facebobby on guard Bobby on guard

 not dr evil Deep in thoughtdeep in thoughtContemplatingsquijjy face squijjy faceheywatch that finger!


Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

What a cutie!

~Izabella said...


was curious to ask you some questions about The Speakeasy in Tacoma, but can't find an email address for you ;)

would love to chat about it~ we seem to be similar in style? mixed media artists~

xo!! ~Bella