Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Confession Tuesday

It is becoming more and more evident that I can only seem to keep up with my blog when it is confessional time.

    1. I am behind on all things right now (except at work).

    2. Kennedy snuggles are amazing. Being a grandma rocks.

    3. It is still hard to get used to the idea that my baby has her own baby.

    4. I finally got items into my space at the Speakeasy gallery. Yay. Now I just have to create more.

    5. I am daydreaming of vacation.

    6. I’ve been carrying a Safeway cake slice around in my backpack for a week, only taking a bite or two at a time. It may be time to throw it out.

    7. Thoughts of art keep creeping into my day, and now that is all I want to do.

    8. After dropping my in-laws off at the home yesterday afternoon, my MIL had an “episode” where she was disoriented and wanted to go outside to walk in the grass. Somehow I feel like it is my fault. Logically, that doesn’t make any sense, but it still feels that way.

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