Sunday, November 02, 2014

30 Days of Gratitude

We just got back from Disneyland yesterday, and I could not believe how exhausted I was. I also couldn't believe that we'd just stepped into November. I always love October, but November is fun in a different way.

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) kicks off on November 1st of each year. I am sort of excited for it this year because I just took part in Novel in a Day last week, and it made me feel like I accomplished something, writing a fairly decent chapter in just a few hours. I realized that I might just be able to get a book finished at some point.

Digital Scrapbook Day is the first Saturday of November (so it fell on the first this year). So many fabulous things, so little time and money. My Paypal is screaming! Not to mention... the Lilypad has kicked off a new monthly subscription for pocket scrapping. Ugh. It is simply divine... and going to hurt my bank account. Seriously I am beginning to wonder if Laura (TLP owner) is trying to break me. Hahha.

AND I usually start my 30 Days of Gratitude practice in November. This year, I am also doing something different. I've signed up for a "detox" program through Rebelle Wellness so I can try to maintain some sanity from now on (I know... good luck with the whole sanity thing).

Just Jaimee released her November Storyteller (amazing kit). I love her kits because she includes fun page templates that make things so easy for me. And they are always chock full o' goodness. So many good things, I never get to use them all. But I managed to get a page spread done before we left for California last week. This is Week 44 from 2013. I am officially under the halfway mark for 2013! Only 25 weeks left to go. Bwahhahahahhaha. Maybe I can finish up 2013 before 2015 arrives and then I will only always be one year behind *wink wink*

Oh how I miss my furry friend. :( It has been five months since he died, and I'm still heartbroken. But I'm so thankful to have had him in my life.

Speaking of thankful...

Day 1: So glad to have arrived home after a crazy whirlwind trip to Disneyland and California Adventure. So thankful to be going to sleep in my own bed. So happy to be loving my sweet kitty (Isabella), and that the dogs were so happy to have us home. Also thankful that my mom watched out for them while we were gone AND she helped clean up the house too. Such a nice surprise.

Day 2: Thankful for an extra hour of sleep that came as a total surprise since we didn't know that daylight savings had ended. LOL. Grateful for a day to rest and recover after our trip. Glad to set aside a wee bit of time to write. Grateful for a home-cooked meal and all of the coziness of family.

So what are you up to this November?  Do you have any non-holiday traditions you participate in each year?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Assignments: Animal Totems - A new e-course from Sissy Sparrows

The Sissy Sparrows girls have developed a new e-course for Visual Journaling. It is amazing. They've worked hard on both the elements and the content. It is a great way to explore yourself in a non-threatening way... through animals.

Check out this gorgeous opportunity and the first set of pages made by the team.

Jump on the opportunity to get this e-course while it is on sale this weekend. It is a great value, and you'll love exploring!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Project Life Tuesday: Now & Then

Well, even though the title of this post is "now & then" it is really more like "then & then." No 'now' involved. Hahaha. But this post includes a page from 2014, and one from 2013... so it is sort of a now & then... if you count all of 2014 as 'now.'

I'm not sure if the Mom Creative is doing her PL Tuesday this month, but I thought I'd be ready just in case.  My computer has been acting up, so each page takes me literally hours, and I always end up wanting to tear my own hair out or banging my mouse against the desk. It is totally frustrating, and I desperately need a new CPU, but that isn't in the cards at the moment. So I'm just looking at this as a sacrifice for my art. Hahaha.

Here are my pages for Week 16 in 2013.

And here are my pages for the same week (16) in 2014.  I'm not sure that I'm sold on the background for these pages, but they are what they are at the moment. I might change them later.

My credits are insane. I used so many different things. But here is a list: VW - Pockets 6, Sprinkles 24-28; Caylee Grey - Bad Day Freebie; Amie Lamm - Boston freebie; Amy Martin - 4x6 stitched, Project Grids: Sixtytwelve 2 & 3; Becky Higgens - Polka Dot Party, Flea Market, Guest Book; Allison Pennington - Super Duper Big & Bold; Just Jaimee - April, May, June, August, September &
October Storytellers; Lily - 4x6 Templates 6; Paislee Press - Today Is, In Progress, Eternal Sunshine; One Little Bird - Love List elements, story unfolds, Hopscotch; Sahlin Studio - Documentary; The Distressed Duchess - Heather Joyce.  Hopefully I didn't miss anything!

Have a fabulous week, and I will be excited to see what you have been up to!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Project Life Tuesday

I have just realized that we are entering the last part of 2014, and not only am I super behind for this year, but I am still working on 2013 pages. LOL. I thought I'd try to get back into the swing of things by participating in Project Life Tuesdays with The Mom Creative. She's doing her pages monthly now, but I'm still going to try to get mine done by Tuesdays. :)

This page spread was a fairly simple one to put together because I used Just Jaimee's October Storyteller. Yes, I did just use an October kit for February pages. But it works. I loved the colors, and the cold-weather theme... I just had to leave out all of the fun autumn-type goodies. But Jaimee packs so many things into her Storyteller collections, you could make a ton of pages before using all of the goodness tucked inside.

I've decided to add pictures of Conan (our grandson who lives across state) in when I steal them off of Facebook. I feel bad that we don't get to see him often, and I want to make sure I include him even though we aren't physically with him. 

From now on, I've decided that I am going to work on my PL pages in pairs. Up next, Week 16 from 2013 and 2014. :) It will be interesting to see the difference in a year. 

And I can't help but get excited and inspired thinking about December Daily. I know it is a huge laugh since I can't seem to keep up with anything, but it is fun to think about anyway. :)

What are you up to these days?

Wednesday, September 03, 2014


So today little mister started pre-k. I was a little devastated by this. I can't believe he's already starting school! Granted, it is only 2.5 hours three days a week, but it is still hard to take.

The UPSIDE to this is that I will actually have 2.5 hours three days a week all to myself. I'm almost giddy over that fact. There is so much I can do with that time. Write. Read. Paint. Scrap. Project Life. Sigh. I'm already counting the hours until I have my "free time" on Friday. :)

And today I read a couple of blog posts about catching up on Project Life. It was totally inspiring me to get that done. I've been lollygagging around... still working on the majority of 2013 AND only a few weeks into 2014. I'm so far behind it is insane. But I'm still keeping track of my weeks and planning to accomplish them at some point. So I think I will try some of the ideas that Caylee and Olya suggested.

So until I catch up further, here are a couple of the weeks I've done recently.


2013 Pages

Hopefully the combination of inspiration and extra time every week will result in some catch up before I get completely out-of-the-range of catching up. 

What about you? Do you have a plan to catch up on memory keeping?

Thursday, June 19, 2014


So in hopes of getting something done, I was on a mission to document a week from last year. For some reason, I picked Week 32, only to find out that it was the most boring week ever.

I had a bad health week, so I ended up with very little in the way of pictures... like hardly any. I even asked my daughter if she had any from that week, but she didn't. I started out on my two-page spread and was committed to it (for some reason, I couldn't stand the thought of a one-pager when all the rest are two). I thought I'd be clever and look for what happened in the world that week (celebrity issues, movies that opened, politics, etc.). Basically nothing really happened that week. I even checked the British news. There was unrest in Egypt, but I really didn't want to include that since it wasn't much of an issue for us directly. And then Area 51 was recognized by the US, so I thought I'd include that since I was a big X-Files fan. But it was really pushing it to get this week done. LOL. Of course now that I'm finished, I thought about putting gas and grocery prices (we save our receipts for taxes), but I guess I'll save that for another boring week.

I love Nisa's Eclectic Mix cards, and her fun graphic style, so I used a lot of cards from her (Splendid Fiins) and then filled in from there. I found the picture of the alien with the Area 51 title from the internet and then super-imposed a little picture of Mulder and Scully in the eyeball.

It may have been a boring week, but it is done! LOL.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Something Old, Something New

I've been at this Project Life thing for awhile now, and I never quite seem to get everything done. I'm super far behind this year, and I never finished last year, but I have decided to keep plugging away at it. I've given up the hope that I could ever get my pages done in order, and that I will jump back and forth between 2013 and 2014 depending on what I have to work with in a given week.

Last year, I was stuck on a couple of weeks, so I'd set them aside and not get back to them, and that was one thing that got me really super far behind. That happened this week too. I'm just glad that I saw that other people have the same problem with certain weeks.

I think that there is far too much pressure on scrappers to be "caught up" by someone else's standards. I'm sure if I weren't on creative teams and/or doing store scrapping, I'd have more time for PL or cleaning house or painting or writing or life in general. LOL. So I figure I will squeeze pages in when I can, and be fine with that. And it is working for me (so far).

Even if I only get one set of pages done in a month, I'll be happy with that. But in the last 30 days or so, I actually got a few done. Yay!

Here are the pages I've done since my last PL post.

My Week 5 pages for 2014

And then I went back and did three weeks from 2013. 

Week 18...

Week 24.

And Week 25. Yes, totally random weeks.

 And now I'm inspired to do more this week. *Crossing fingers* that it works out.

Do you ever worry about being "caught up" in your scrapping? Or do you just scrap what you can, when you can?

What else have you been up to??

Friday, May 02, 2014

Project Life & Happy {inter}National Scrapbook Day

Happy National Scrapbook Day!

I've been looking forward to this day for months. It isn't that I'm going to be doing a whole lot, but I do hope to get some scrapping done and to hop around to a few different places to catch some sales. I've been saving my Paypal dollars for just this occasion. Jessica and Kennedy went to the beach, so I am actually free to do whatever I want. {insert shock face here}

And the fun part is that the blog hop falls on the same day this month! And Kristi was sweet and didn't let me forget about it this time. I scurried to put my week together. I'm not caught up (at all), so I just chose a random week so I could get something done. I didn't have enough pictures. Usually I have too many, so this was a week that was harder to fill.

My Project Life isn't off to the start I thought it would be. Last year, I had more going on, and I still completed more pages than I have so far this year. I think part of it is just school. And life. LOL. Excuses, excuses. I need to make time to do it. Like to set aside some time on a Saturday evening to work on things after all of my CT stuff is done for the week. Must.make.time. Must.make.time. Must.make.time.

Anyway, this month's BYOC at the Lilypad had me swooning. Almost everything I used was from that (aside from the stitches and page pockets). I didn't opt for a lot of embellishing because I had way too much journaling. Yikes. I always struggle with that whole balance. Anyway, here is what I got done today.

Credits: Pockets No. 6, Forget Me Not JC, Sprinkles V23 -- Valorie Wibbens; Blank Watercolor Cards -- Michelle Godin; PS I Love You cards & elements -- Sahlin Studio; Needed More Stitching 6 -- Amy Martin; Say Yes To elements, paper -- Paislee Press; The Sophia font -- Heather Joyce

What are your plans for National Scrapbook Day?  Is there a must-have item on your list? Or a must-hit sale? Enable me!

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