Friday, April 29, 2016

Project Life -- Still loving it

I'm so in love with Jaimee's Storyteller 2016: May collection, I just had to share. I am not typically a fan of yellow, but this was just too much fun, and I hope to use this collection again and again.

I was also fortunate to be able to recently work with Sahlin Studios and Britt-ish Designs' Project Mouse Cars Collection. I had fun catching up on my Disney album and almost have it finished!

Every time I have a chance to work on my Project Life pages, I get so inspired and want to create more and more. I just need to set aside the time! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Book Roundup

Lately, I've been on a reading jag. It started with the trip to Paris. I was able to read (somewhat uninterrupted) for a few hours, and it was nice to get through some of the books on my to-be-read list. I picked a couple of easier books to get through since I was sitting with a 6-year-old ADHD nugget.

This is one of the recent books. I found myself surprised at how similar this character was to me in many ways. In one instance, she reflects the very same attitude I've espoused about meeting my biological father/family. It felt a little eerie. But it was a quick read and enjoyable. Who doesn't love a little romance now and then? But it was more interesting to read about the relationship between the two women (the main character and the ex) and I was pleased that it ended the way that it did. Maybe a little trite, but pleasant anyway.

Friday, April 08, 2016

More Project Life

I've been slowly getting my pages done. I'm still keeping track of weekly events/happenings, but I'm not working in the "present" time (for some reason), and am working mostly on 2014 and 2015. I started my 2016 in the app, but only have the cover done so far. Being on creative teams makes it simpler to go back in time than to scrap ahead/current.

I can't imagine ever being "caught up," but I was excited because I had the first quarter of 2014 printed in a 8x8 Shutterfly book. Now I'm trying to get the remaining weeks of the second quarter finished, so I can print that as well. I've got several weeks done, but there are gaps in between.

Here are some of the pages I've been working on recently.

This set of Disney pages used Sahlin Studios and Britt-ish Designs' Project Mouse Classic Bundle.

For Week 5, I used Memory Pockets Monthly: Status - Sara Gleason, Allison Pennington, Valorie Wibbens, Amber LaBau, Paislee Press & Sahlin Studio; and Story Grids 4 - Amber LaBau

Week 11 consisted of 2016 March Storyteller Collection - Just Jaimee and Pockets V.6 - Valorie Wibbens 

Week 18 was 2016 Storyteller: April Collection - Just Jaimee

All in all, I'm feeling good about making some progress! I still feel like I'll never possibly finish, but at least I'm still working away. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Project Life Continues

It is the middle of April, and I have about a million things on my to-do list. At one point, I wasn't even keeping a list because the thought of putting most of it down on paper was overwhelming. But I bit the bullet and started a list so I could try to better manage my time.

I'm also going to try to get into the habit of using a planner. Miss Tiina has a great planner (and un-planner) at The Digital Press. Wishing Well Creations also has a terrific planner for Project Life pages. So I think I need to start using those as well. I've been documenting everything my three-year old composition book, but I don't plan out, per se, just do some bullet listing of what happened each day.

I'm not "keeping up" with my Project Life albums. Yes, albums, because I'm still in-progress on 2013, 2014 & 2015. LOL. But I am still enjoying the process and spending less time on embellishing. I think a simpler look/page makes things go quicker for me. Another thing that I am finding is that Project Life makes me appreciate and love my life more because I'm documenting all of the little things. I did a blog post about it here at The Digital Press.

So I'm working on two different sets of pages today. But here are the latest pages I've done. I'm sharing along with Day to Day Design's linkup.
Storyteller Collection 2015 | Raine by Just Jaimee

Storyteller Collection 2015 | Raine by Just Jaimee

Life Captured: March Bundle - Digital Scrapbook Ingredients

Life Captured: March Bundle - Digital Scrapbook Ingredients

Project Twenty Fifteen | April bundle by Wishing Well Creations; Pocket Pals Templates 12 x 12 | build your bundle Vol. 1 by Karla Dudley

Project Twenty Fifteen | April bundle by Wishing Well Creations; Pocket Pals Templates 12 x 12 | build your bundle Vol. 1 by Karla Dudley

What are you up to these days??

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Get Messy Art Journal Blog Hop

Welcome to the Get Messy blog hop... or at least a portion of it. :)

In case you didn't know, Get Messy is a wonderful blog by Caylee Grey. She's hosting an art journaling workshop with the theme (this season) of Love. If you join in, you get weekly prompts and a lot of fun.

I've been so sick lately, that I haven't had much time to play around with my journal or the prompts. But I selected one of the prompts that had to do with finding one of your favorite quotes about love and journaling about it. I have always been a huge fan of Leo Buscaglia and his work with Love, so I knew I'd have to choose a quote from him. I didn't get to do a physical journal page, but I threw together a quick five-minute digital page so I'd be done in time (with about an hour to spare) for the blog hop. I'm still hoping to play on paper because I just bought some yummy acrylic paints from the new craft section at Target (FUN).

Anyway, here is my digital page. I used the Mixed Media Monthly main kit and some add-ons from March's subscription at The Lilypad.

The quote may be a little morbid, but its intensity really spoke to me. You just don't want to miss an opportunity for love.

Anyway, that is it for me today.

Up next is France

And if you get lost along the way, here is the list of participants for this group:

  1. Karyn
  2. Lauren
  3. Rebecca
  4. Keshena
  5. Kimberlee  <<< you are here
  6. France
  7. Nina 
  8. TC Larson
Be sure to check out all of the blogs, as well as Caylee's little happy spot in the universe. Happy hopping!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Storyteller Quinn: Stacked Cards V.3

I am so very happy. It is exciting enough to be on Just Jaimee's creative team, but to get to collaborate with her (using her products) to create journal/filler cards, is just totally fabulous!

Here are my cards, available as of tonight at The Lilypad in the Something Old, Something New category. On sale for 50% off!

And here are the cards, in action, along with other cards from Erin W, and the rest of the items are from Storyteller Quinn.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Poet Wanted"

Most of the time, I feel like the pursuit of my MFA in Creative Writing was nothing more than an indulgence. A hollow activity that became anti-climatic the minute I had achieved it. Don't get me wrong, I know that sounds so #firstworldproblems. I honestly appreciate the fact that I was able to attend graduate school, and that I worked like hell to finish a degree, but it was certainly one of those instances where you realize the journey was more important than the ultimate destination. The anti-climatic-ness of the whole thing left me wanting. So I almost immediately enrolled in another Masters program. A glutton for punishment. A glutton for knowledge. A glutton for something akin to validation. I felt like the MFA was too easy. Like I didn't suffer enough to get it (forget the twenty plus years it took me to get my BA and then the MFA). Like I didn't deserve it. Like it didn't matter.

Fast forward three years. I have done nothing with my MFA. I really haven't even written much of anything other than occasional blog posts. I've signed up for two poetry workshops and haven't written anything. I have attended exactly one reading (last month), but other than that I have been completely enmeshed in anything *but* the poetry community. So when I came across an email with the subject line of "Poet Wanted" yesterday morning, my eyes saw it, but my brain really didn't register it. And then it did. It was an email to the general "arts community" of Tacoma. I subscribe to the list, so the email popped up into my inbox. Intriguing to say the least.

I quickly replied to the email, unsure of what the initiator wanted. He is a photographer, that much I already knew. But in a little bit of correspondence yesterday, I discovered that he wants to collaborate with a poet, for a book that would contain poetry and photos. How perfect is that? While I'm not sure that the "theme" is exactly up my alley, I could sooo make it work. And just the excitement I got in thinking about it, told me that it was an opportunity I needed to pursue. So I might. Depending on the timeline and what he wants, and if he finds me suitable for his needs, it might be something workable. And that is exciting. That has caused my poetry blood to course just a bit. We will see what happens. And if it doesn't work out, at least it got me thinking, inspired and re-ignited. And that is always a good thing.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sketch #428

There is another fun sketch this week over at Scrapbook Challenges.

This week, I stayed pretty true to the sketch. Sometimes, I go a bit off-track, but this was straightforward. I guess I ended up with journaling that is kind of difficult to read, so I might change that, but it is what it is for now.

I used A Bushel and a Peck kit and flair by Creashens over at The Digital Press

Monday, January 26, 2015

Scrapbook Challenges Sketch #425

This week's challenge/sketch is all about the hexagons. Such a fun sketch. I didn't have two pics to go with the kit I'd chosen, so I just decided to use one of the journal cards. I'm so in love with the colors of the Be Bold kit by Amanda Yi & Studio Flergs. You can find the kit and journal cards over at The Digital Press. 
I can see using this kit over and over. I only wish I had more girly pictures to scrap.

So here is the sketch.

I didn't vary widely from the sketch.

You can find the sketch (along with a link to a digital template) on the Scrapbook Challenges Blog

I hope you try it out and play along!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Whirlwinds of January

So a lot has happened in the past few weeks. Tim broke his ankle right before Christmas. He's still in a cast and can't walk on it, so he's getting around either on crutches or a scooter. So no help at all around the house. LOL. Lots of resting and football watching for him. :)  He's also working from home, so it is a challenge to get any computer time. Not to mention that my computer seems to be on its last legs. I am so hopeful that I will be able to get a new one soon. This one just has fits and starts and it will freeze up for ten to fifteen minutes at a time and not do anything. There is no sound, and nothing works during those times. Soooo frustrating. I really wanted to do The Lilypad's Month of Challenges that I did (and completed) last year, but this old battleaxe computer isn't playing nice and I don't think there is a mathematical way to complete them all at this point. I've done a few, but not enough to get me through to the end. Not with the schedule that we've had lately.

Last week was Kennedy's birthday. He turned five. Breaks my heart that he's not my little guy anymore. He's changing so much. We went out for dinner on his birthday. My grandma also came over earlier in the day. Then we had a birthday party for him on Sunday. The Seahawks' playoff game was at the same time, so the adults were all watching that on pins and needles. I said that I wasn't giving up hope, but thought it might take a miracle for them to win. And they did it. They miraculously overcame the big deficit to win the game. So totally amazing to watch.

Tonight is a Bad Poetry event at The Nearsighted Narwhal. Originally, it was slated to be bad cat poetry, so I'm planning to go and read some of my old LOL Cat poems. Should be fun.

Tomorrow night, Carla Sonheim and Lynn Whipple are hosting an open house sort of event in Seattle, so those of us who are able can come by and meet them. I'm so totally excited about that. :) I'm in their Year of the Spark class, so it is a cool opportunity.

Jessica leaves for Las Vegas early Sunday morning. That should be fun for her. I hope she has fun and feels relaxed and can come home and be ready to get back to a normal life. Things have been rough the past couple of months.

Sunday we go to see The Great Gatsby at Tacoma Little Theatre. Should be interesting.

And here are a couple of the pages I did earlier to try to keep up with this year's project life and to go back and also do the previous years.

Amanda Yi Designs - Project Weekly; Digital Scrapbook Ingredients - Weekly Roundup V5; Karla Dudley - Epic.ness Bundle; Sugarplum Paperie - This Is the Year: Solid Paper

Amanda Yi Designs - Project Weekly; Digital Scrapbook Ingredients - Weekly Roundup V5; Karla Dudley - Epic.ness Bundle; Sugarplum Paperie - This Is the Year: Solid Paper

Storyteller 2015: The Hunter Collection - Just Jaimee; Fun Page Borders V1: Storyteller Hunter - Just Jaimee & Rae C; Stacked Pocket Cards V1 & 2: Storyteller Hunter - Just Jaimee & Erin W

Storyteller 2015: The Hunter Collection - Just Jaimee; Fun Page Borders V1: Storyteller Hunter - Just Jaimee & Rae C; Stacked Pocket Cards V1 & 2: Storyteller Hunter - Just Jaimee & Erin W

And here are a couple of the pages I've created in the past weeks.

Dreamweaver - Allison Pennington & Studio Basic; FTLO14: CBTK - Allison Pennington; Just Because - Laurie Ann; The Dorothy - Heather Joyce

The Real Me Kit, Word Art, Overlays & Collage - Sissy Sparrows; The Distressed Duchess font - Heather Joyce

My Two Sides - Sissy Sparrows; Scraplift of Christina's December 2014

Alpha Jumble Freebie, Wonder elements - Allison Pennington; Needed More Stitching 34 - Amy Martin; The Real Me kit & collage, My Two Sides elements - Sissy Sparrows; Sketch 424 - Scrapbook Challenges

Secret Madness Paper, Overlays & Word Art - Sissy Sparrows

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