Sunday, March 25, 2007

Computer Ills

The horrible computer situation has been driving me absolutely crazy. I haven't been able to do much online and especially no digi scrapping. :( It totally sucks.

I have been really busy with school and didn't really have time to figure out the computer issues, but hopefully now that I technically have "spring break" I will be on task to do that. I also have to find a job!

One good thing about not having internet time is that I've been getting some other things accomplished. Last weekend, I went to a Stamp Camp with Shannon. It was great to get a chance to hang out with her and just have some relaxing fun. We made a bunch of cards and it was great to feel like I was being creative. She and I have been talking about a partnership of sorts with Stampin' Up! where we could share in the process and not feel completely responsible for the entire business ourselves. SU has the unfortunate minimum-quarterly-sales requirement which is very difficult if you aren't on the ball and having parties. Since neither of us is big on the whole scheduling parties thing, we figured we could do monthly stamp camps and/or bunco nights and then anything we'd do would help the quarterly amount. And if worse came to worse, we'd each only be responsible for $150 a quarter. I've been thinking a lot about all of the stuff I have in my craft room and the severe need to get rid of it all. I have so many old scrapbook supplies that I know I will never use. I figure that I could make paper crafts of all kinds and never come close to using everything I already have. So I'm going to start working on that and then check into the farmers' market and find out how much it would be to have a booth there. If my mom had stuff, I had stuff, we could make some dog stuff, and then Shannon could add stuff, it would be great. I am also going to check with Stephanie and see if her kiln is up and running and maybe she'd have stuff to sell. Lots of ideas and excitement... now I just have to make it happen. Yikes.

I did really well in my classes. I am eager to get the final grades. I should have a 4.0 in all classes unless I totally bombed on my finals (which I don't believe I could have). I was a little apprehensive about finals for some reason. I guess I had a 4.0 in each class going in (as far as I know) so I didn't want to screw up and do something to that, but I think that I did fine. There was only one math problem that I had difficulty with on the final. And that was my whole issue with negative numbers. I have THE hardest time adding/subtracting negatives. Ick!

Yesterday I went to my writing group and we talked about some upcoming field trip ideas people had. So we're going to start doing other things besides just the critiques and occasional writing exercises. I'm looking forward to all of that. Wednesday, we're going to go to some arts thing in Tacoma. Then Thursday is a critique session and then Saturday there is a letterpress event at King's Books (where we meet on Saturdays) so I may see if Stephanie wants to go to that since she used to be into that kind of stuff. Yay... lots of fun on the horizon!

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