Thursday, August 23, 2007

School's out for summer...

Well, technically it is just for the rest of the summer. Since I took summer quarter classes, I didn't get much of a summer, but at least I can now say that I've earned my AA from Pierce. Whew. I think I may even graduate with honors. Yippee! I haven't seen my math grade posted yet, but I got about 97% in my American Cinema class. Today I'm faxing my transcript request so Pierce can crack-a-lack on that and get it to Evergreen as soon as my grades are posted.

Now I have a break for a couple of weeks before I have to think about school for awhile.

I wanted to kill Jessica this week. She hadn't been exactly forthright about her grades/homework over the past few weeks. Tuesday night she tells me that she's not sure if she's going to make the 2.0 cutoff for English 101. This is the third time she's taken it. The most frustrating part is that she's exceedingly smart. But she's lazy. She figures out how to do the bare minimum to squeak by. I don't know where she came up with that attitude all of a sudden because when she was in high school, she would have never settled for the grades she's getting now. Anyhow... we got into a major blistering fight Tuesday night because I lost my mind at the thought that she wouldn't make the grade. That would mean that her financial aid would be suspended, she wouldn't be able to take English 102 next quarter, and then that would screw everything up for her transferring to Western. I just pictured her whole life going down the tube. I was furious with her because she didn't even try... and she knew how important it was to do well and not to mess up the financial stuff. She also didn't do her french homework, so she spent the last two days cramming that in and finishing last night, right down to the wire. No wonder my ulcer is acting up. We found out that she'd make the 2.0 needed for English (by the grace of her instructor) and then she completed her French homework and final yesterday. Thank gawd!

We took our books to campus yesterday (from previous quarters as well) and sold them back. We had a big stack and only got $206, but still... it was $206. That paid for two of Jessica's books for next quarter and part of a third, so that isn't so bad. Less out of pocket expenses at the end of September.

We also took the Toyota to see if it would pass the emissions test yesterday. So close. It wasnt' even funny, it was so close. It passed everything except for the "idle" hydrocarbons. The pass level is 150 and the Toyota was 153. Ouch! Tim is working at home tomorrow, so he's going to get some premium gas in it, drive it around for awhile and then see if it will pass after that. The mechanic said that it should. We hadn't driven it in months... and then the guy fixed it, but I didn't have a lot of time to drive around and get it all warmed up and stuff, so they think that might have been the issue. We'll see. We had to get that fixed since my Evergreen schedule is going to be so completely insane. We'll need both cars.

I found out last Friday, that Evergreen was concerned about the amount of time students were in class. They were worried about accredidation, so they're implementing a Friday "required" course. Add that to the required program stuff on Tuesday and that brings me to two nights of class before I even get to see what I'm going to have to schedule. I can see it now. I'm not going to take classes I really want. I'm going to take classes that can fit into a crazy schedule. That will stink. So potentially, I may end up having class four nights a week. How am I going to do that? I have no clue. And that is for the next 8 months (starting in Sept.). Scary stuff. My grandma thinks that I'm going to end up in divorce court because I'm going to be "neglecting" my husband. She is all worried that I'm not going to be home to make sure "to get his dinner on the table for him." How crazy is that?

I have to admit... I think that I'm a total school geek. Summer quarter hasn't even officially wrapped up, and I'm already wanting to pick classes and get books for fall quarter. It is sick.

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