Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Three Days... Three Ways

I'm so excited. The three-day weekend just wrapped up. No, I am not excited about that, but it was a nice weekend, AND it actually felt like it was a weekend. It is terrible to have weekends that never feel like you get everything done. I didn't get 100% of the things I wanted to accomplish actually completed, but I did get a lot done and was able to have some good relaxation and fun along the way.

So... I had a three-day weekend. Now I have a three-day workweek because... you guessed it... I have another three-day weekend scheduled. That is what I am excited about. :) Oh how I wish I could always work it that way. Wouldn't it be amazing to only have to work three days a week? Sublime. Friday we are going to head out and travel down to Lincoln City, OR for a nice little respite to celebrate the upcoming 50th birthday of my dear hubby. Yesterday, I asked him if it bothered him to turn 50. He said that it really didn't, other than now he's at the point where he's trying to figure out what to do with the rest of his life. I am so glad he thinks that way... as long as he doesn't have a mid-life crisis and dump me. :)

I just received an email from one of my "loves" in life. I emailed Luis this morning because I have been missing him oh-so-much. He wrote back, and I was so happy. :) Recently, I have been thinking back on how much I hated my job at Key. Relatively speaking, it *was* bad toward the end, but there were lots of good times and laughter and I *did* meet Tim there, so I guess was all good in the long run. Plus, I also got a lot of good character quirks and material by working in that crazy place. Aside from meeting Tim, I'd have to say that Luis was the best part about Key. I remember when Tim and I first started going to lunch together. There was nothing going on between us (other than friendship), but the "three in the corner" aka the gossipers were starting up. Luis wanted to stop them from spoiling what he thought was going to be one of the great romances of all time, so he set out to make up an *alternate* rumor to dispell any questions people had about Tim and I.

The alternate rumor was that I was secretly dating/having a fling with Mayor Paul Schell (of Seattle). Luis concocted some amazing fib about how I stayed after work one night and was picked up in a town car, only to be dropped off the next morning by one of the mayor's minions. I'm not sure what other whoppers he came up with, but I know that he also used a former co-worker as an accomplice. Janet C. had gone to work for the City, so Luis told the gossipers that she had seen me at City Hall and when she talked to me I seemed guilty of some sort of impropiety and rushed away. He thought that they bought it hook, line and sinker. I'm not sure if they really did or not, but it was good for quite a few laughs between us.

Ah, memories. I remember him always up in the break room, watching Judge Judy and drinking Slim Fast. He also used to always do little dances (like the cabbage patch) and other wacky things to get us through the days, tell us great stories, play practical jokes and challenge us to reach new heights in our personal lives (ie the calendar and competition). What a guy. He made it very difficult to leave Key.

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