Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Playlist

Today I want the time to pass faster, so I put on my headphones and cranked the playlist. I started at "Now Playing" which is scrolling the MP3 player alphabetically by song title (part way through because of where I was at in the list). Kinda funny, but I'm in love with this section!!! They have been all happy songs, and I'm rockin' in my cubicle.

Emotionally Yours -- The O-Jays (old old old school jam with lots of memories)
Feels Good -- Tone, Toni, Tony (I can't remember the order of 3T, but you get the idea)
Flathead -- Fratellis
Follow Through -- Gavin DeGraw (skipped this one)
For Reasons Unknown -- The Killers (love, love, love this song!!)
Forever and Ever Amen -- Randy Travis (my one and only country song)
Friday I'm In Love -- The Cure (such a happy happy song with good memories of my twitterpation about Tim)
Getting' Jiggy Wit It -- Will Smith (how can you go wrong with Big Willy?)
Glamorous -- Fergie (for those who need help with spelling)
Good Times -- Tommy Lee (excellent for a sunny Friday)
Grand Theft Autumn -- Fall Out Boy (one of Jessica's favorites)
Have a Nice Day -- Bon Jovi
Hey Ya! -- Outkast
Hips Don't Lie -- Shakira
Holiday -- Green Day (makes me want to learn how to play drums)
Honey, I'm Home -- Shania Twain (not really country)
How to Save a Life -- Snow Patrol (skipped because it is too mellow, but still love it)
I Hate Myself For Loving You -- Joan Jett
I Need a Lover -- John Mellencamp
I Need You -- Marc Anthony (okay… not really rockin', but a happy song)
I Want It That Way -- Backstreet Boys (ditto)
I Will Survive -- Gloria Gaynor
I'm Not Soupped -- Troop (really old school… lol)
I've Been Thinking About You -- Londonbeat (from way back)
Ice Ice Baby -- Vanilla Ice
If I Had No Loot -- Tony! Toni! Tone!

Whew….have to take a break now… how can it get any better?

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