Monday, January 14, 2008

New Year... New Quarter... New???

It is already starting into the third week of January (2nd full week) and I feel like I'm already falling behind in life. 2008 came in without a lot of fanfare for our family. I think we were still worn out from the complete craziness that we took on for the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays. It took days to recoop from back-to-back Christmas Eve and Christmas day extravaganzas. I think our dishwasher went on strike. Last week we found that it had blew the electrical outlet and needed to be repaired.

School started last week. I'm taking 17 credits this quarter, and unfortunately, may have to have five days of class. That will be completely insane, but I don't know that I'll be able to get around it.

There is a lyric essay course I've been checking out. It is put together by They have a lot of great class offerings and I wish I could take a bunch of them... finances will keep me from doing so, but hopefully I will be able to squeeze one in from time to time. Next quarter, I will do the lyric essay for an independent study course. :) They also have free writing groups you can subscribe to. I haven't done that, but it sounds interesting. I've got enough on my plate right now as it is. I took over the Tacoma Writers' Meetup right before Christmas. Kirsty was stepping down as organizer and I've been itching to do something like this for years and years, so I snatched up the opportunity and am very excited about it.

Yesterday, I took some stuff (supplies like crazy) out to my "studio." I stood there, among my many treasures, and wanted to cry over all of the neglected babies that are out there. The big canvas taunted me with its blank stare, daring me to attack it with a bout of creativity. But I had laundry to do and organizing of the closets, meals to prepare and homework to do. So I turned the key in the lock and sighed a big sigh as I headed back to the house. It is awful. It feels like everything in the universe is pointing me in the direction of doing some creative crafts/art, but I can't seem to find/make the time. Maybe that is a direction I can take for spring quarter. Maybe I can put together some art workshops and have play dates with myself and create a whole course surrounding everything I want to do... if only.

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