Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm Jack's Sunburned Chest Swelled with Pride

Throughout history, there have been epic sagas where the hero overcomes obstacles, fights demons, pushes on, and finally reaches his/her goal. After twenty years of my own epic saga, I have become that "hero" by finally reaching my goal.

It is sort of funny, in a way, because it really actually feels sort of anti-climactic at this point. I always thought that I would have this rush when it was all over... a feeling of complete and utter accomplishment and happiness that I did it. I don't really have that feeling. I'm just ready to get on with the next part of the journey. Maybe then I will feel the rush.

I've started researching graduate schools. I'm totally psyched to think about it and the possibilities. I'm going to stop second-guessing myself and just do it. So far... this is my top choice (Fairleigh Dickinson) and second would be Carlow University (with a residency in Ireland), and then there would also be the third place choice of PLU. Actually, being responsible, if I could get in to PLU, I would do that because it would be the least cumbersome (to family, work and friends) and also the least expensive... but I drool over the thought of residencies in the English countryside or in Ireland. *Sigh*

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