Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vertigo-ing crazy

For the first time, I've been struck with a weird case of vertigo. I've had moments, throughout life where I'd admit to being a little dizzy (and not just blonde-dizzy)... but last night was the first time it really hit and sort of incapacitated me. We'd just finished dinner and clean up and were starting out on an early-evening post-dinner family walk. I felt kind of lightheaded before we started, but by the time we got back, I was really feeling it. I was going to read, but it was too difficult, so I gave it up and just decided to go to bed. The whole room was spinning. I was reminded of times when (during grade school) I'd get sick and my grandma would pick me up from school and take me to her house, creating a cocoon on her couch for me. I'd feel so dizzy that I'd make my grandma sit on the edge of the couch so I knew I wouldn't fall off.

This morning I felt better, but it kind of comes and goes. Thankfully, it isn't as bad as it was last night, but it is still disconcerting to be sitting at the desk feeling swimmy in the head.

Today is the farmer's market in Tacoma. I'm so excited that it isn't raining. This will be the third week I've marched over to check it out during my lunch break. I generally don't buy things, but I like to see what is available and do some mid-day people watching. I brought my camera again today and hope to get some better pictures than last week. Two of my co-workers went with me that trip and did not understand my need to take pictures. They were just on the hunt for food and didn't quite have the patience to wait while I snapped some photos.

Today is also the first day of the pastels class I am taking with Jessica and Liz. We couldn't figure out a good gift for Lizzy's 20th b-day, but I thought an art class might do the trick. It is a constructive thing for her to do since she is uber-artistic. In the meantime I'm trying to think positively and not stress out about my lack of ability in drawing. It has almost reached a phobia level, which is completely ridiculous. It is so crazy that someone's criticism could stick with you for such a long time and hamper any future attempts. I'd love to track down that instructor from Antioch and give him a piece of my mind for making fun of me. Hopefully this will be a better experience.

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