Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day Seven

We are now on Day Seven (at least) of baby watch.  Lucian is a rascally stubborn little guy who apparently doesn't want to come out yet.  Drat!  He is now officially a week over due.  I'm tempted to call the Library Police to check into it.  Yesterday, I was so hopeful.  Liz even seemed to be having some minor contractions before dinner.  I thought FOR SURE that she was going to have him last night.  I was jazzed.  I joked with her that I had new hair for the event and everything (she went with me while I got my hair cut yesterday).  I made garlic chicken pizza and thought that would help things along if nothing else would.  But still, nothing.  My mom lost the office pool.  There were three people betting on yesterday.  Now I'm glad I wasn't able to participate since I would have been a big fat loser.  I even stayed up a little later last night hoping that she'd knock on my door or text me to tell me that she was having labor pains.  But alas, I finally went to sleep, and that was that. 

Shannon and I were going to go to the CK Seattle extravaganza (which is really in Bellevue) on Saturday.  We planned to head up and check out the vendor fair and then have lunch, but if Lizzy-poo doesn't have Lucian before Saturday, it makes me nervous to be over an hour (and probably with parking and carpooling back, it would be closer to two hours) away and have to scramble to get there.

Liz is supposed to get an appointment today to see if they can tell her anything.  We'll see. 
Jessica is coming home again this weekend in hopes of the baby arrival.  She delayed going back to school as long as she could (leaving yesterday morning and is going to have to do an extra paper to make up for missing a class).

I'm realizing more and more that I am not a patient person.


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