Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Journaling - Day One

Two years ago, I signed up to take the Christmas Journal class offered at  I started out full of gusto and excitement, but soon ended up losing my inspiration because my computer crashed.  I lost a lot of information and pages I'd completed.  I was discouraged, and I gave up.  When 2007 rolled around, I didn't even think about it.  I was in school, things were hectic, and I didn't have the energy to write anything other than my assignments. 

This year, I ran across Shimelle's site and decided to sign up again.  I thought I'd give it one more shot because this year, this Christmas, seems different somehow.  I wanted to try to capture even a small part of that difference and be able to reflect upon it later.

One of the big differences this year is that I am currently not in school.  I finished my BA degree (a long-awaited goal) and am now just on the precipice of going back into school.  I will actually leave for my first low-residency seminar on December 31.  I will leave for England right after work.  I'll arrive in London shortly after noon on the 1st of the new year.  What a way to start 2009!  I will spend the first twelve days of 2009 in the English countryside at Wroxton College.  I will dive headlong into the MFA program and am very excited at the prospect of everything that will unfold.

Other big differences that will really impact this holiday are... Emily has turned 18 and will graduate from high school.  Sam is turning 16 and is really just a cool kid.  Jessica just turned 20 and moved (in September) to Central Washington University.  So now we are really empty-nesters (ish).  To comfort us during the transitions, we got Kate a playmate/brother, Bobby.  He is her half brother and now four months old.  He is adorable and they are getting along so well.  They play and spend all of their time together and entertain us all of the time. 

And... another biggie... my sister had a baby.  Lucian was born on 11/18.  I was lucky enough to witness it, and am still amazed.  He was just here and we captured a couple of sweet pictures.  Uncle Tim held him and they had a few moments of male bonding.  I thought that it was a good way to start the journal. 

I used the Merry Ho Ho kit from Ronna Penner at  I also used today's cookie exchange template by T Howard from Sweet Shoppe Designs. 

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The Bitterness of Eating Lemons said...

Awwww what a cute baby.. and Lucian too.. JK xP yuck..