Friday, October 23, 2009

Barbaric Yawp

Could I be more excited?

On tap for tomorrow....

Barbaric Yawp

This is a generative workshop, designed to stimulate the spontaneous creation of new poems. The session will begin with the distribution and discussion of model poems, followed by a writing exercise and sharing of new work (to thunderous applause). We may write poems of unheeded prophecy, speak in the voices of the dead at the cemetery, explore the landscape of our own names, curse our enemies (real or imagined), declaim odes to our socks or apologize for things that we’re secretly glad that we did. In the process, we may even build a sense of community and solidarity among poets.

Instructor: Martin Espada

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The Bitterness of Eating Lemons said...

pretty sure I'd like to write poems that "apologize for things that we’re secretly glad that we did"...