Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Confession Tuesday

  1. I’m a bit behind on all things blogging and writing. I have about five draft posts sitting in queue waiting to be finished.  Arrrggghh.  Life has been crazy busy the past few weeks.  But I am going to participate in Gwen Bell’s Best of 2009 Blog Challenge.  I may not be able to keep up with everything (especially since I started so late), but I think it is totally cool.  I stumbled upon it through the blog of Kelly Rae Roberts (also very very cool). 
  2. I am quietly thankful that the baby shower is now officially past us, so life can somewhat return to normal.  Jessica was thrilled with all of the people who came and everything she received.  Eileen reminded me that I *am going to be* a grandma soon.  Yikes.  Somehow, when I think of myself, the term grandma does not really feel like it fits yet.  Heck, it has been almost two months, and I haven’t even gotten used to the idea of being (shhhh) 40 yet.
  3. I am envious of my fellow students who are going to England in January.  I didn’t think I’d be envious because I was cold and tired and hungry the whole time I was there, but for me, that was definitely my Best Trip in 2009.  London was cool even though I got lost and walked for miles and miles and miles and then cried when I finally broke down and took a cab.  Then there was my solo bus tour adventure going to Salisbury, Bath and Stonehenge.  Another adventure back to the airport to meet up with everyone and then to Wroxton for a rapid-fire residency where I met some wonderful people and have come to hope that they will be in my life for a long time.  I remember sitting in Heathrow before my long journey back feeling a ton of overwhelming mixed emotions.  I felt sick and was so looking forward to returning home.  I didn’t think I’d ever want to travel again by the time I had my flight to Atlanta and then a 3.5 hour layover before the next 6-hour flight home.  But once the travel bug bites, it is hard to let it go.  I had a great trip to NJ in August for my second residency, and a couple of fun trips to Portland, OR in the fall, but nothing can beat travel to Europe.
  4. I think I am one of the few people who do not want to watch the coverage of the memorial services/procession for the four fallen Lakewood police officers.  It just breaks my heart to think about the senseless tragedy.  The public service is right down the street from my office, so I can see the roadblocks and flashing lights.  :( 
  5. I have too much homework to do and don’t feel like working. 
  6. I am excited for Christmas.

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Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

I'm jealous you got to spend a fair amount of time in London. I totally and completely fell in love with that city when we visited a couple of years ago. We got stuck in Greenwich when we missed the last boat leaving and thanfully we found our way back to my brother-in-law's house in Northeast London by using the bus and tube - and made it back in less than an hour. Much to the amazement of everyone.