Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Confession Tuesday

  • I thought that after a couple of weeks off of work, I would miss my job and feel empty or possibly even depressed. That hasn’t happened, and I am now wondering if it ever will.
  • Sometimes friends are far better and cause waaaaay less stress than family. I hung out with my friend Stephanie yesterday. We’ve known each other since 4th grade. Every time I get together with her, it is like a huge warm fuzzy and a jolt of inspiration in life. We talked about art and she showed me her work (I just love it). Jessica worked on some sketches, Steph worked on a piece, I painted a background canvas and was imagining circus tents. Here is a glimpse of one of Stephanie's pieces...

  • I feel like a bad stepmother. Against my better judgment, I’ve acquiesced to the “hands-off” approach subscribed to by my husband and his ex. Now I feel like that was a mistake.
  • This is so yummy and inspiring… from Michelle Clement’s blog…
michelle Clement scrapbook page
mc closeup 1
mc closeup 2
  • And then look at this goodness. I’m so envious of her creativity and cuteness. Gotta love Lolly at
  • I am feeling so lazy today. Woke up with a sick migraine and haven’t been able to kick the after-effects yet. I need to get my paper (due next Monday) done, and today would be the perfect day to do it (since little man is not here), but I can’t bring myself to start it.
  • I realize I’m having control-freak issues over little man’s care. Today he is being watched by a new friend of Jessica’s. I’m all kinds of worried about what kind of a person she is and/or if she is going to kidnap him, not watch him carefully enough, he’ll be scared/uncomfortable, etc. It is funny because Jessica isn’t worried. I am just crazy I guess.
  • I just ordered some new things from so I can create a banner for our Freedom Fair booth.
  • I'm totally excited to be teaching a "Poetry Potpourri" workshop at the Federal Way Library tomorrow night. It is my first workshop since I gave up the writing group. I hope people show up!
  • I am daydreaming of art…

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