Monday, May 17, 2010

New Week...

So I am still behind on everything important. I forgot how time consuming babies are.

Well, at least babies that can't sit up on their own yet. I have been working with little man on his sitting skills because I don't want to have to wait two months or more for him to sit up on his own. Baby Center says that they don't really sit up well on their own until 8 months. Ugh... that is four more months. He definitely doesn't like to lie around anymore. He quickly bores of being on his back. He rolls over to his tummy, but then gets frustrated with that as well. We are really very lucky because he is a pretty good baby. He doesn't cry a lot (except for this morning when he's not feeling well due to teething), and he's fairly laid back and easy to entertain most of the time. It is just the darn lack of sitting. LOL.

On tap for today... annotation of Martha Silano's Blue Positive to get in by today's deadline. And I need to send off the review for January Gill O'Neill's Underlife to her before she thinks I'm a total and complete flake. I loved the book and have drafted the review, so now I just have to finish and send it off to her.

Last night (or in the wee small hours of the morning), I was dreaming of creating art. I need to get busy with that and start stockpiling things so we can fill the booth for July 4th's Freedom Fair. We have a little over six weeks to make art happen and get things done. Tick tock, tick tock.

I guess I will end this post now so I can stop procrastinating and get things accomplished.

What are your mini goals? What will you accomplish this week?


Kim said...

I just wish we could get the two month old to let us put him down.

Lizzie said...

A four-month old baby doesn't have the muscle development to allow him to sit up comfortably and safely. Forcing him to spend too much time sitting will damage his back. However, you could try giving him one of those play-rings, that he can lie in to play. They have an inflatable ring inside and this can be gradually raised as he grows, to allow him to lean on it and see round the room, then slowly raise him up a little until he's strong enough to sit in it, using the ring for support. Short periods nestled in a bean-bag can also help him to see around himself and watch what's going on. You could always take the bean bag with you, so he can watch what you are doing and you can chat to him while you work. Then you can get more done. If he whines at you to start with, ignore the whining and engage him in conversation. He'll get used to the new routine fairly soon.
Lying flat on his tummy, on a play-mat, with a few toys handy, can encourage him to pull himself about and roll around - which is great for his muscles and his independance; so do let him lie on the floor when you are relaxing on the sofa etc. It's good for both of you!

Kimberlee said...

Kim: I remember my daughter being that way. I would finally end up putting her on a pillow across my legs and patting her to sleep and then would slide the pillow off so I could get something done. Of course that was way back when and I didn't know any better. I guess having her when I was young was completely different because I didn't have things to do during the day. It seems so strange to think back on that now.

Lizzie: don't worry... I know that they can't sit up and I wouldn't do anything to hurt his back. It is more a case of wishful thinking. :) He has floor play mats, swings, bouncers, etc. He just likes to be sitting on your lap or standing on your lap or whatever. We do the change of scenery stuff and I have serious conversations and singing time with him. It is just getting used to the routine like you said. :)