Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scrapping Portfolio

Since I mostly do my scrapbooking in digital format, it provides a great opportunity to "hang out" in digital communities and participate in online projects.  One of those ongoing projects is over at Sweet Shoppe Designs.  They have a monthly challenge that is pretty amazing.  They put so much work into it, I can't even imagine what they go through.  Each month, they provide a list of "challenges" for the month.  Each challenge is given a point value.  There are challenges worth one, two, five and ten points.  You can pick from the long list of challenges and strategize to reach your goal for the month.  And what do you get?  You get a discount in their shop based on the goal you reach.  You can earn up to 40% off if you put in enough points.

That was my goal for the month.  I'm now only 3 points away from reaching it.  It is a fun way to build a portfolio of layouts and see all of the different perspectives you can gain throughout the year.  Most months, I never complete enough points to even get the lowest discount, but this month I vowed I was going to complete a portfolio.  :)  Here are some of the layouts I've completed... including a hybrid item where we were challenged to make a dry erase board.  Some of my layouts were in other posts, so I'm not going to re-post those, but here are the rest.

Credits for all of the layouts can be found in my SSD gallery.

Do you have any scrapping goals or other creative projects you participate in regularly?

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