Friday, July 01, 2011

Busy busy busy

Lately, it seems that no matter what I try to do, there is never enough time.  I'm making better use of my time and energy, but it still seems like the days are definitely not long enough.  Is it just me, or is insane that it is already the first of July?  {insert shocked face here}

I realize that I missed blogging during the ENTIRE month of June.  Sheesh.

I just finished up a stint on Meghan Mullens CT at SSD for the month of June.  I am not one that usually applies for CTs, but Meghan ran a contest and I had just bought one of her kits, so I created a layout, not expecting to be picked since I didn't really have a portfolio.  But she offered me a guest spot, so I jumped at the opportunity. It is interesting to be on a CT because it really made me realize how much I mix and match kits when I create a layout for myself.  It is hard to stick to just using one kit for layouts. It was fun to be on the team, but I felt like I let her down.  Hmmmm.

Are you a strict stick-to-things-in-one-kit kind of person? Or do you mix and match for several kits?  If you mix and match, do you stick with one designer, or do you opt to go for color or style and/or elements?

I found that I tend to buy kits for elements these days.  I used to really be a sucker for luscious papers (Eva Kipler, Susan Bartolini, Zoe Pearn, etc.).  I still am, don't get me wrong, but now I have such a hoard stockpile I am focusing on unusual elements for any new kits that I might buy.  I also assess a kit for the can-I-make-it-myself factor.  I may like a kit for one or two elements, but if I think I could do something similar, without a whole ton of effort, I may pass and buy something that I would have a harder time creating myself.

All in all, I ended up creating 15 layouts with Meghan's products, so that was pretty productive (as far as my scrapping history).  :D

Here are some of the layouts that I created...

Credits can be found in my gallery at SSD

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