Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 Things

Shimelle hosts 10 on the 10th.  Check her out.  :)  I totally have a girl/creative crush on Shimelle.  Okay, so now that I seem to be a crazy person, I'm just going to go ahead with my list.

10 Things that are currently making me happy...

1. Tim's post-surgery follow-up went well and he is cancer free!  There is just not gratitude enough for such wonderful news!  I am looking forward to life getting back to normal later this month (fingers crossed).

2.  Today is his birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Timbie!

    3. The Puyallup Fair started yesterday.  This, for the most part does not make me happy because we live 6 blocks away and have to deal with parking issues for the next three weeks, but I am looking forward to going to the fair next week and taking Kennedy to see the animals and other fun stuff.

    4. Kenny & Zuke's - Portland:  in honor of Tim's birthday, we are going to go to Portland for an overnight trip.  We found this great deli the last time we were there, so we are looking forward to going back.  They have THE BEST sandwiches.  They also have great breakfast options with a fresh bagel available instead of toast.

    5.  A trip to Powell's.  No trip to Portland would be complete without a trip to Powell's books.  I have to practice restraint when I go, but just wandering through the stacks of books makes me smile.

    6. McMenamins - In Portland, we'll be staying at the Crystal Hotel, which is one of the McMenamins properties.  We stayed at the Kennedy School last time, so we are looking forward to seeing this one.  Their hotels are quirky and artsy, so it is always interesting.

    7-9.  Artfest 2012!!!  I just registered for next year's Artfest and am totally excited.  I was nervous because you are never guaranteed that you will get the classes you want, and it is a lot of money for not getting a guarantee.  But I lucked out and got my first three choices.  Now I am totally excited and can't wait until spring.  Ugh.  Seems like such a long wait.  But I get to take a class with Michael DeMeng, Andrea Matus and Jesse Reno!  Totally psyched.  This is my graduation gift to myself.  :)  

    10.  Fall is in the air.  It is that time for back-to-school, and I am always energized at this time of the year.  I don't know if it is the idea of school starting, the freshness in the air, canning food (we just preserved 15 jars of pickles and are getting ready for tomato sauce), the fair, or what, but I am a big fan of fall.  Last night, in our back yard, you could hear the cheering crowds from the high school football stadium (several blocks away) which totally brought back tons of memories, and there is just nothing quite like the feeling of September.  Soon it will be time for the pumpkin patch and then, before we know it, the holiday season will be approaching.  Sigh.  It is time to get organized! 

    What is making you happy right now???


    Carolyn Phillips said...

    Sounds like you will have a great trip. Hope and pray your husband continues to recover well.

    S said...

    What a fun post - thanks for sharing.

    Queenie said...

    Happy Birthday to Tim and hope all goes well for him!!
    Hope you enjoy your trip.

    Em said...

    number 1 & 2 are extra special! great post thanks for sharing!

    Dana said...

    I am so happy for Tim and for you, for your whole family.