Saturday, September 03, 2011

Scrap Saturday: A Month in Photos

Today I spent some time uploading pics from August and July to Flickr.  Frustrating because it wouldn't work as planned, but I think I finally got them uploaded.  Now I need to burn them onto CDs.  This is the first month (in a long time) that I actually printed a big batch of 200 photos.  I made some enlargements for family and then printed a bunch of our NY photos for a future mini album (?).

I ran across a blog "Simple as That" by Rebecca Cooper, and she had a great freebie template available for download for compiling some 'month of' photos.  So I thought I'd take the opportunity to post the template and use this as a starting point for 'things to scrap' in the near future.  It was a great month.  :)

Template courtesy of Rebecca Cooper of Simple as That

From top left:

Mom and Matt at Jessica's birthday dinner
Great great uncle Jack and Kennedy
Statue of Liberty
New York skyline from our hotel in Jersey
Jessica and Kennedy smooching
Coney Island
Conan and Grumpa (the day before surgery)
Shannon and Jessica
MFA graduation at FDU (yay!)

There was so much more to capture, but this is at least a start.  :D

How do you archive your photos?  Do you keep them in multiple places (cd, online, hard drive, etc.)?  Do you print all of your photos?  I'd love some helpful tips/ideas on what to do with all of mine before my external hard drive gets full.  :p

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Shannon Finch said...

I'm excited to have been included in your scrapbook page! I'm horrible at printing photos - I was just thinking about this today and then I read this. I really need to get it together and spend some time printing and scrapbooking!