Thursday, June 13, 2013

Art Journaling: What's Going On? | A MSA Post

Everyone has their own interpretation of what art journaling is or isn't.  Mostly, I hope that everyone understands that there are no hard fast rules to what it is.  I thought I'd round up a bunch of great pages I've spotted out and about lately, and show the huge diversity in pages and techniques.  And this barely scratches the surface.

Fun with faces...
by thimbleberrie

by snowdropz

by Dale

by Dalis

by Michelle in Mi

by sbpoet

by Kaf

by itKuPilli

by DBmiller
by Em

Playing with color and words...

by misslovescraps
by beszteri

by Jules (SissySparrows)

by Scrap Cat

by strawberryredhead

A gorgeous (paper) calendar page/spread created by Kate Crane of the

by Kate Crane

And a couple of "skinnies" as part of a 4-week challenge run by AnneofAlamo over at TLP.
by Cherry Limeade

by lauracw

Hopefully you found some inspiration in the different types, functions and styles of art journaling that are going on all over digi land.  Let us know if you find something inspiring or if you create something after being inspired.

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