Monday, June 03, 2013

Talkin' 'Bout My Generation

For the past month or so, my grandmother has been in and out of the hospital (mostly in [almost a full month]).  Every day, when we'd go to visit, she'd delight in telling the nurses (or anyone else who would listen), how our family has five generations alive right now.  She is a great-great grandma, and totally proud of it.

Jessica and I have been thinking a lot about family and connections through the generations.  There are too many missing links on all sides of our family trees.  That is the way with absent parents and/or adoptions.  I know that I wish I would have been more interested in the family tree back when I was younger and so many more of the relatives were alive.  Too little, too late.

One thing that I was over-the-moon thrilled about though... my grandma relinquished some of her old photo albums.  She was going to get rid of them (to a thrift store, like she did with a bunch of others [like a stab in the eye with an ice pick]), but since I wanted them, she gave some of them to me.  Yay.

Here are a couple of my treasures that I scanned.

My grandma, mom and uncle (and Joseph the cat) in December of 69

My grandpa in 1939

My grandma in 1939

Grandma in 1938

Grandpa and Grandma (dating) July 6, 1938

Grandpa 7/6/38

Grandpa's cousin, Rosie 7/6/38

And here is a page I created using one of the pictures.  The kit is so fitting.  It is Sissy Sparrows' Room 19: Project 5.  All about relics and vintage goodness (although it is totally versatile and can be used for anything).

Credits: Sissy Sparrows - Room 19: Project 5

What about you?  Are you interested in your family's past?  Vintage photos?  Do you want to find your roots?

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Emma Stafrace said...

Wow so glad you got those priceless photo's hun imagine them ending in a thrift store my heart would break! Love Love Love your page of your grandparents they looked like they loved life and each other very much xox