Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hung Up On Spooky | A MSA Post

The older I get, the harder I find it is to watch scary movies. I remember being a teenager and wanting to see any scary movie that came out. Now, not so much.
I do have a few guilty pleasures though, and I love the lead-up to Halloween, the Day of the Dead, and all things spooky. And it is always fun to use art journal pages to deal with spooky issues or to talk about your own dark side.
Here are a few spooky things I wanted to share with you.  And don't blame me if you have bad dreams... mwah-ha-ha-ha....
Spooky books are good because when you get too scared, you can just put them down and walk away.  One of my favorite scary books of all time is It by Stephen King.
A couple of spooky shows I watch (even if I have to scrunch up on the couch and make sure someone else is in the room with me)...

by Shyvana at Deviantart

And now some "spooky" layouts and kits...
by Zojinka

by lmgdonahue

by Alegna

by Tinkelbel

Boo-Tiful Add-On by Studio Natali

by Hollyinjapan

by melanie3boys

by Jo-Anne

by Alegna

by beszteri

by Networka

by Pelle

by sugarbushfarm

by ArmyGrl

by ms.bailey

by agata68

by itKuPiLLi

by Mish

by lrenchen

by beszteri

by Dukuu

by eagleszem

And finally, some SPOOKY things I found while out on Pinterest...

Creepy dress-up

A spooky snack...

And a spooky story...

Thanks for reading along.  Be sure to share your spooky layouts or art journal pages in the links!

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