Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Calvinball | Game On

So I just happened to stumble across a post from Celeste on Facebook. She mentioned Calvinball, so I had to take a peek and find out what that was all about. It turns out that it is a fun scrapping game at Get It Scrapped where you do a lot of smack-talking, a lot of scrapping, mucho point-tallying and a super lot of watching what is going on because the rules are always changing. There is no prize other than self-satisfaction, but who doesn't need a little of that from time to time? Get It Scrapped is a neat community filled with paper scrappers as well as digi girls. They hold monthly online crops and have a lot of classes and other fun things... like Calvinball. Check it out if you dare... and scrap on!

Here are a couple of pages for the Calvinball gallery

Gardner's Journal by Sissy Sparrows

Gardner's Journal by Sissy Sparrows; Enchanted template by Zoliofrope

The Painted Nest #24 elements by Sissy Sparrows Paint Can No. 5 by Sissy Sparrows; Journal Ink by Vinnie Pearce
Join in the fun... and if you do, mention that I sent you so I can score a point.  :)


doris sander said...

really love your work! go calvinball!

Laura Kaplan said...

Can't wait to see more!