Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hung Up On Layers | A MSA Post

For some reason, layers have been on my mind lately. It is one of those times of serendipity. You think about something, and then you start seeing it everywhere. So long story short, I thought I’d share some layering inspiration with you.

Obviously when a scrapbook person thinks about layers, layouts definitely come to mind. Whether there are a lot of obvious layers, or a bunch of more subtle ones, layering is one of the most effective tools to bring out the complexity in a page. I know I am generally drawn to a page where there is layering in bold colors,layering of patterns, an interesting layering of elements, or layering of textures. And if someone can capture all of those things, I’m hooked.

Here are some examples of layering that caught my eye.

by TwoTinyTurtles

by Romy

by kayleigh

by AnneofAlamo
by misslovescraps

by gracielou

by justagirl

by fonnetta

by heyjude

by Cynthia

Some of my favorite products for layering

And a gorgeous paper page that has been sitting in my eye candy folder for awhile now…

by czekoczyna

And a beautifully layered Project Life spread

by Leena Loh

And a fabulous digi art journal page

by Dale

And of course there always layers in the rest of life as well.

Layered necklace from a class I desperately want to take. Isn’t this gorgeous?
by Deryn Mentock

More layered jewelry

by Heather Bullard

via Pinterest

Layering eyeshadow

Layered fashion

Collection Chèresloques

Layers in hairstyles
via A Curious Work

via pinterest – twopeasinabucket

Layers of interest
Carven pre aw 13

Layered years — Cool to do for kids. 1st side in kindergarten and 2nd side when they graduate high school.

A layered craft project

Art with amazing layers

Jesse Reno

Layered gift wrapping


Layered deliciousness
Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark via

Layered flavors

Honey Porter Glazed Chicken Skewers via thebeeroness

Hopefully I’ve gotten it out of my system now that I’ve shared. :)
What layers have caught your eye lately?

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