Saturday, January 03, 2015

Eeeek! Halfway There

So I have been working fast and furiously on trying to catch up with my Project Life for 2013. I had two Shutterfly book credits that were about to expire, so I wanted to get at least half of the year done and printed. That meant I had to crack-a-lack on getting the weird random weeks done that I had left hanging out there. Easier said than done, but I have the first 26 weeks of 2013 done and printed. There are far less embellishments on these pages, but that is fine with me. I got them done. Whew. The books should be arriving soon, and I'm excited to see them in print. Now I have sixteen weeks of 2013 left and nearly all of 2014. LOL. Oh well, it will just always be a work-in-progress for me, and that is fine.

I am going to start on my first page for 2015 this weekend (fingers crossed) and then see what calls to me to be done.

What are you working on??

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