Friday, March 17, 2006

Monkey Swing

Today, Angela, at the Digi Chick, posted this blog challenge...

What was your favorite childhood toy?

My favorite thing was my monkey swing at my grandmother's house. It was a red plastic disc with a yellow rope up through the middle that allowed me to twirl the afternoons away in the sunshine.

I'm such a geek that I actually wrote a poem about it...

Monkey Swing

Faded-red plastic monkey swing.

Disc suspended in mid air

by a yellow vinyl rope

sprouting out from it's donut center,

securely fastened over a sturdy branch

in the impossible blue sky.

A medium knot in the bark

of the chestnut tree,

a magical button

to transport me

through time and space

as I spun

into fantasy worlds:

star trek

runway model


charlie's angels

All were possible

within daydreams on the monkey swing.

All were within grasp

as I hovered above

smooth brown chestnuts

and the spiky green porcupines

of those yet to come out

of their protective coating.

Back on the ground,

twirling to flare imaginary princess dresses,

I'd curtsy and bow to my adoring onlookers,

their brown heads

reflecting a summer's sun.

Picking up the smooth-skinned treasures,

I'd feel the coolness

beneath my fingertips;

brown-polished wonder

that begged to be touched

as I danced

into the afternoon.

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