Saturday, March 18, 2006

Kiss me Kate!

I am beside myself with excitement. After several months of cajoling and pleading (and ultimately a lot of research), my DH said "okay" to a puppy. Several weeks ago, I noticed a couple of ads in the News Tribune for Boston Terrier pups. He told me that if I had the money saved to buy one, he'd consider it. I told him that he could start considering. :) I went online to the website and found a breeder in Washington. She said that she had pups available, so I was hopeful. I explained that my hubby wasn't quite ready for one, so she forwarded a couple of pictures to sway his decision. I emailed the pics to him and held my breath.

He wrote back, "I hope it grows into it's head," and that was it. I was disappointed.

Later, I emailed the breeder again and she said that she'd be over in Seatac on the 18th to deliver another pup. So I mentioned it to him. He said that he was concerned that the girls would not participate in taking care of a puppy. So I talked to Jessica and she said that she'd help out... which was a hurdle... because she didn't want a dog before.

I told him that I didn't want to rush him, but I had to let her know because I'd have to send a deposit. So a few minutes later, he said "yes" and I could barely stand it. I wrote out a check and popped it in the mail immediately.

So today we went to Seatac to pick her up. Here is the first picture of her with the breeder outside of the hotel...

Donna Long with Kate

I can't wait to start scrapping pics of her!!

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