Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Life outside of scrapbooking??

I know that true scrappers will *pssshaw* that there is life outside of scrapbooking. For years, my main hobby has been collecting scrapbooking supplies. :)

It has usually been hard to find time to set aside for myself and my hobbies. In years past, when I was a single mom, I spent so much time raising Jessica and doing volunteer work with her, I didn't have extra time for other things.

Then I met Tim. I expected that I would have lots of free time to do other things. I cut back on my volunteer time, but found that I was busy doing home remodeling, keeping a garden, spending time with the love of my life, running kids around and planning a wedding. No time for scrapbooking, but time for collecting supplies. :)

Then I started stamping and being a consultant for Stampin' Up! and then Southern Living at Home. No time for scrapping.

The wedding came and went in a blur and then it was onto trying to adjust to blending families... with two teenage girls clashing. So no time for scrapbooking.

The digital world has opened up a new opportunity for me to start back into scrapping. No more dragging tubs and tubs of paper and embellishments out, only to make a mess that has to be put back later when interrupted by another of life's issues. No more hiding bags full of supplies that I'd bring home and never use. Now I'm armed with a hard drive and the secrets are all safe with me.

Now a hobby is to teach myself Photoshop... and to create my own digital kits. I can't wait!

Other hobbies have also been put on the back burner. Writing is the biggest one. I've been editing at Moondance, but my fiction writing has slid into the distance. I realize that I need to get back to it and maybe blogging will inspire other writing and I'll get back into it.

I'm off to Artfest 2006 next week. I'm excited and terrified at the same time. I am completely out of my league but the tiny artist in me is calling out to be heard. I want to create! We'll see how it goes.

Hobbies... hobbies... I need more time!!

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