Monday, September 25, 2006

Dance, dance, dance

So... Tim and I went to our dance class Saturday afternoon. We arrived early (misjudging traffic) and then waited for class. We decided to go down the street a way and get some water for class. By the time we got back, the entire place was packed. They started out with the 2-step and people kept filing in. By the time that half hour was over, there wasn't much room for the actual dancing. There were way more women than men, so of course the instructors made us share, which I wasn't happy about. But even more surprising, was the fact that Tim was even more upset about it than I was. He made a statement like, "I want to dance with my wife, not someone I don't even know. I am planning on only dancing with my wife for the rest of my life, so I just want to learn to dance with her." Very sweet. Anyhoo... we danced the two-step, the cha-cha, the fox trot, the waltz, something I can't remember, and then the salsa. For me, the salsa was the very easiest. I had the hardest time with the cha-cha. That was because no one (the guys) knew what they were doing and it totally threw me off. I danced with probably 8 or 9 guys down the line, and every one of them did it differently, and every one of them did it wrong. It was very frustrating. Finally, in total frustration, I just stopped and gave up. Which caused the instructor to mock me... but I really didn't care at that point.

After class, we came back home and then decided we should do something about dinner. We went out to Shenanigan's, but there was a really long wait, so we sat in the bar. After looking at the menu, we decided that we weren't going to stay. The prices were outrageous! There wasn't an entree under $30 and a simple ribeye steak was $40. It isn't like it is Ruth's Chris steak house or something, so I'm not sure where they get off charging prices like that when other places only charge around $20. We didn't want to stay and find out because we hadn't had the best experiences in the past, so we had an appetizer; Tim had a beer and I had a Shirley Temple and we headed out. While we sat, sipping our beverages and admiring the sunset over the water, Tim thanked me for planning the day. He told me that he was glad that I had brought up the idea and that he agreed that we should get out and do something more often. What a sweetheart. We headed over to Stortini's and had dinner and then went home. It was a wonderful evening all the way around.

Saturday (before dancing), I went to Famous Footwear to try and get those cute shoes. Before going (or ordering online), I went onto their website and checked to see if they had them in stock so I could try them on. It said that they were available, so I fought Fair traffic and headed up to the mall. I got there and the shoes were nowhere to be found. The ever-helpful teenaged surfer dude came over to ask if I needed help. I told him what I was looking for and he 'played' dumb. I say 'played' because I actually think he was dumb. Anyway, he said that there had been a big run on shoes because of school starting. I told him that I had just checked and it said they had them. He told me to check the clearance rack. So I went back and they had two pair. One size 8 and one size 10. I tried both on and neither one fit perfectly. There would be a lot of toe cleavage with those shoes, so the 10 was too big and I'd have a hard time keeping them on. So the 8 was just a tad too small. The elusive 9 was nowhere to be found. :( But they weren't 100% as cute as they were online. I decided that I'd go for the 10 and wear thick socks. Hahaha. But then I ran across some Skechers (skeechers as my grandma would call them) and decided that they were a better value and that I'd actually wear them since they were the right size. Hahaha... I'm getting so practical in my old age. So here they are... not as cute as the Rocket Dogs... but good shoes nonetheless. It is kind of funny because usually, I never pay more than $20 for shoes because I figure there isn't much of a point to buying expensive ones because they either aren't all that comfortable or I end up not liking them for a long period of time. But these weren't my normal $20... so I'm hoping they last a long time.

So yesterday I woke up with a hellacious sinus headache that just wouldn't go away. I took lots of medicine... but to no avail. I watched "Bring It On: All or Nothing"... I can't believe I'm admitting that. It was actually kind of cute. Then I watched "Friends with Money"... kind of a strange little movie. I did about five loads of laundry folding while I watched movies, and then did some dishes, and then got online and bought Jan Crowley's adorable Halloween digi kit... here's a preview... (available at the Digi Chick)

Tim worked on my library shelves. I will have to get some pics tonight and upload them as he progresses. :) Jessica got home from work around 4, so we decided to go to the mall because I had some coupons that were expiring. Here's what I got.

The last one is my absolute favorite. It fit just perfectly and is much prettier in person than in the picture. I was very excited about it. Yay!

And I'm happy to announce, the Fair is over for this year! Goodbye to three weeks of scrambling for parking at our own house and having to be strategic about how many people are gone at the same time (to come home and not have anywhere to park). Goodbye to obnoxious people that throw stuff in your yard because they are too lazy to throw it in the garbage. Goodbye to trying to find the long way around the back of the city just to go anywhere so you don't get caught in horrific traffic! Whoo-hoo! We had some people park in front of our house (in our parking spot) Friday night, and then have the nerve to come and ask us for jumper cables because their battery had died. They had another car, so at least we didn't have to jump them (also in our parking)... but I still thought that it was pretty bold. Especially because we didn't have the front porch lights on. Then last night, we were "being romantic" and the bedroom window was open, and all of a sudden I heard people talking right outside our window. Talk about distracting! Anyway, it is all gone for another year (or until the Spring fair--luckily that doesn't impact us as much).

I'm not ready to be back at work yet. Yuk! I need another weekend already!

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MiYon said...

That is so cool that you and Tim are taking dancing lessons. I see it as so romantic and bonding. That made me smile when he piped up and said he only wanted to dance with you and what he said made perfect sense. Why dance with the other women?? Next time, bring their own partners! lol

That last shirt is SOOOOO cute! And I like those shoes. I either pay dirt cheap for shoes (kids shoes on clearance at Target or somewhere else) or I have to pay a lot ($70 at Cinderella). I wear size 2 kids and it's so freakin' hard to find adult looking shoes. :(

I saw Jan's kit and I want it too but I promised myself not to buy any more kits until I use every kit on my EHD at least once. I still have kits I haven't even extracted!! Isn't that bad??

$40?? Geeze. Must be fancy schmancy! I freak out if our entire dinner bill is over that amount! LOL I would've left, too. :P