Monday, September 11, 2006

Home sick

For the past few nights, I've barely gotten any sleep at all. Saturday night was horrible, and I planned to take a nap during the day yesterday to try to catch up, but I didn't... so then last night, I was up every two hours. Tim had to get up at 5:00 to head to Bellevue, and I felt like I was going to be sick because I was so tired. I couldn't even imagine trying to get up and out into the cold cruel morning to head to the train. So I took some Excederin and went back to sleep. Kate came in and slept with me until my mom called shortly after 8. I stayed in bed for a little longer, but couldn't go back to sleep, so I ended up getting up and doing some scrapping. I wanted to catch up on some of my CT layouts because I've gotten behind. I'm trying to figure out where to post the LOs so they get maximum exposure for the designers. I want them to succeed!

Here are some of my latest layounts...

We had a crazy incident yesterday afternoon. We had been sitting around the house, and Kate had been in and out of the house all afternoon. We were sitting in the living room and she was on the couch and I was taking some pictures of her. We decided to go grocery shopping, so I started gathering my purse and keys. Kate jumped up (as usual) and when I looked at her, I was shocked! The left side of her face was completely swollen and her jowl was drooping down considerably. I pointed it out to Tim and we decided to take her to the vet. By the time we got her ready, it was even more swollen. We rushed her down to the vet and they squeezed us in. As far as we can figure, it must have been a bee sting or a bug bite of some sort and she had an allergic reaction. By the time the vet saw her, the skin on her head was all wrinkled and swollen with hives and she was getting them on the rest of her body too. They ended up giving her a shot of Benedryl and also steroids to reduce the swelling as soon as possible. Then she said that we just need to continue to give her Benedryl as long as it is swollen and she's got hives. It is so funny to think that they can use the same medicine as we do. She is supposed to get half a pill, so we stopped and picked up a pill cutter when we were grocery shopping. By the end of the evening, she was feeling much better (although sleepy). The swelling was almost gone. We gave her a little bit of vanilla ice cream with her Benedryl and she was very excited. I tried to get some good pictures to show how bad it was, but she wouldn't cooperate so they didn't turn out well. Here's what it looked like as it went down.

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