Sunday, September 10, 2006

Okay... it's been waaaaay too long...

I decided to dust off my blog and possibly start using it so I can try to get things out of my head and try to remain semi sane.

Today is Tim's birthday. He is 49. Not 50... 49. A few weeks ago, he mentioned that we might want to possibly think about planning something since it was going to be a milestone birthday. I paused for a minute, trying to figure out what the heck he was talking about, but then I realized that he thought that this was going to be his 50th! I gave him such a bad time about that! Now the pressure is on to plan something magnificent for next year, but I think that I'm not going to worry about it for a few months anyway. :) We aren't doing much for this birthday. I think that he's still a little sad about the kids moving, so he doesn't seem quite in the mood to celebrate. Next weekend we'll go over to see the kids, so maybe he'll feel a little better. I did persuade him to finally get in to get his hair cut... so he's looking very nice for the big day even though we're not doing anything exciting.

Yesterday I got an email from Ali. She actually sent it Friday afternoon, but I had left for the day. She emailed the getaway girls earlier to update us on how she was holding up. At the funeral, she had told us she was going to try to go back to work on Tuesday (following Labor Day). I don't know if she made it back that day, but she told us that Wednesday was "horrific" for her with the back to school activities. I can't imagine how hard it was for her. So her email yesterday provided us with a link to a blog from a guy who was at the same resort they were staying at when Isaac died. He wrote about his daughter jumping into the pool and finding Isaac and then two boys getting him out of the pool. It just broke my heart all over again. It was so weird to read it from a stranger's point of view when he talked about watching Ali standing over Isaac telling him to hold on and then becoming hysterical. It hit me at such a gut level. It brought back memories of our honeymoon, when we were way out from civilization and one of the guys on our snorkeling trip died. I remember his wife standing there just screaming hysterically and sobbing. It made me cry to watch that scene... and then to read about it happening to one of my closest friends... well, it was awful. There's an ache in my chest every time I think about it. I just don't know how she's coping. I can't imagine it. And then, every time I think about it, I feel guilty for feeling bad. I feel like I shouldn't feel bad... I should just be strong for her. But as a parent, I don't know how to put those feelings aside. Anyway, enough of that now. I can't sit here crying all day.

Here is a funky layout that I did for Rachel's "Funky Bunch" freebie. Credits: Rachel Solenberg - Funky Bunch papers (Plain Digital Wrapper); Sausan Designs - Kritzels Houses; photoshop action to recolor our house; fonts - 2Peas Dreams & Mr. Giggles

It's terrible. I've been on such a digi-kit spending spree the past couple of days. Darn that paypal anyway! I got some adorable felt flowers from Gina Miller Designs... I got a couple of paper kits from Jen Wilson's Nostalgia series... of course I also picked up her contest kit for week 3 of her Meaning*ful contest... not that I seem to have time to enter. I also got a couple of things from Sausan Designs and a boyish kit from Lauren Grier at PDW (I can't think of the name right at the moment). Then I have stuff sitting in my shopping bag at Designer Digitals but haven't had time to get back to complete my shopping. And then at the Digi Chick, I've been watching for Val's Modern Alpha and also want to pick up Heather's Day Planner embellies. Yikes! I need another job! There are just so many great things out there!

Well, I'd better get busy and bake Tim's cake (and unload the dishwasher and do laundry and load the dishwasher and mop the floor... *sigh*).

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