Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Funky Cold Medina

It's been awhile since I blogged... or did anything remotely constructive. I don't know what is wrong with me, but I'm in a major funk. And it is not good. It is crazy.

I'm killing time right now until Project Runway airs its season finale. Yay! Not quite sure how I got hooked on the show, but hooked I am.

I haven't been feeling creative lately, but I need to get in the groove. Not only do I need to get a couple of layouts done for CT stuff, but I need to get working on my online class "You Think You Know Me" that Shimelle is putting on. I've already fallen behind. Yikes. I think that it would have been easier to do a digital album, but I'm doing paper. Eek! I've picked out the album. It is a plain board album with about 30 pages, so it will be almost 3 pages per topic. It's hard to do a layout about myself. I've done a couple here and there for challenges on the Digi Chick, but nothing extensive. I think lately, I don't want to examine myself too closely... because there is a lot of work I ned to do just under the surface. Not so much about changing myself, but in exploring my own feelings and fears and stepping out of my comfort zone. I need to make some changes. Mostly just getting out of a dysfunctional/abusive working relationship.

I think this stuff is all really hitting me right now because I just had my birthday. Yesterday, I turned 37. Yikes! I never thought I'd reach 37. Now what? That question is haunting me.

As October rounds the bend and heads into November, I am getting excited for Nanowrimo. I started to participate last year, but that only lasted a very short time. I am planning to go farther this year. I don't know that I'll be able to finish 50,000 words in a month, but I'll give it a shot.

Project Runway is about to come to a close... *insert nailbiting tension*... I just hope Laura doesn't win! Yay! Laura didn't win. Now I don't care who wins. I just didn't want her to win... she was such an arrogant wench!

I finally finished one quick LO while I watched PR. Here 'tis...

Credits can be found here.

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MiYon said...

Oh man, I love that LO!! Looks awesome!

I've been mighty tempted to try NaNoWriMo but I have no discipline. Good luck if you enter and keep us updated on it!

Life can be a bummer if you're not happy at work. I'll send positive energy your way and I hope you can figure out a solution.

I missed your birthday?? Waaaaaah!!