Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Daughter MIA

Today, for some reason, it is really hitting me that Jessica is independent. Perhaps it is the fact that I really haven't seen her for longer than five minutes in the past 72 hours. Between work, college and her friends, I never see her anymore. It makes me sad. The end of an era. I had to watch Gilmore Girls with Tim... and he complained about the show (and commercials) the entire time.

I'm trying to learn some new things in Photoshop. Today, I made a chain link fence. I'm not really sure why... but I thought that I might use it. I'm working with tutorials to get a better understanding of what I can do with other things.

I finished a min-kit that I might give away as a freebie. I don't know... I don't know if anyone would want it... or if I can figure out how to do it, but I might try. I haven't figured out how to do to the close-up detail look, but here is a peek.


Anonymous said...

WhoooHOO! You go, girl! I think your mini kit is SO cool! that swirl paper is AWESOME! And "Cheap Motel" is such a cool name for a mini kit!


MiYon said...

Looks awesome!! :D Answer some designer calls!! I'm starting to get serious about the design side of digi scrapping. Have been a small scale digital artist and graphic design dabbler for a while now and I love making kits. You should too 'cause your stuff rocks!! Just make sure you don't include anything not meant for commerical use if you plan on selling your papers, elements, etc. but you know that so nevermind. My favorite is that brown swirly paper!!

Pam said...

Kimberlee sorry about your dd woes. I am sure as parents we'll all go thru it at some point! Hugs! I love your kit, especially the brown paper! What tutorials do you find helpful? I'd love to know!