Monday, October 02, 2006

Just call me Catbert

Okay... so yesterday I had to fire someone else. In spite of what other people tell me, it does not get any easier. Especially when it is someone who seems nice. I had to fire this woman who I can get along with and talk to (as a person), but she is flaky and irresponsible as an employee. I am not cut out to be the Evil HR Director that I think I am sometimes. :) I always read the Dilbert comic strip and laugh about Catbert. I love the evilness that he portrays, but I just don't have it in me to be that way face to face. With this woman in particular, I can be so furious with her one minute, and then she comes to talk to me and I have a hard time remembering why I was mad. I am one of those people who really feels like I want to save them all. I want to work with them and give them a chance to do what they are supposed to do. But then they don't, and it is hard. Grrr. I want to be the nice HR person that everyone comes to with problems... I'd have a jar of candy on my desk and then I could send them along on their merry way without having to deal with it. Hahahaha. Instead, I end up feeling sorry for them all, and either get frustrated because I can't solve their problems, or I have to fire them and add to their problems. At least, with this woman, I know that she already has another job. She works for herself as a translator. Thus, the unreliability for employment with us. She's always got other things scheduled and it is almost impossible to figure out where she is and/or if she is really working.

I was telling Tim, on Friday, that it is so weird to be at this level of management. It is at the point where I really don't "work" per se. I don't actually shuffle out much of a product these days. There are still times where I have to crank out policies and procedures or reports or mega insurance applications, but for the most part, my day is spent dealing with crises, dealing with issues, dealing with people. It is kind of funny for me to think about that. I was used to being a worker bee for such a long time, and now I'm not having a finished product, something I can point to and say, "gee, that is what I did this week"... it is kind of an odd feeling.

So I'm excited today. The Killers new album comes out. I've been totally loving the song they released a few weeks ago "When You Were Young," so I'm looking forward to pulling up on Napster and listening to the rest.

Oh you have to see what I found this weekend. Joann's started carrying some Basic Grey products. I was soooo excited. I wanted to do a mini album, so I picked up a couple of things. This is what I bought...

I really want to get started on some more traditional scrapping projects since I have so much stuff to begin with. Although I am going to work on doing some digi stuff for gifts this year. I bought a planner kit and a cd calendar case kit to make for friends and family. I guess I can't post pictures of those if I want them to be a surprise. Hee hee hee.

I signed up for an online scrapbooking class. It should be interesting. It wasn't very expensive, which was the only reason I decided to do it. I thought that it would make me more accountable. Hahahaha. We'll see about that!

Kate went into the vet this morning. She is going to be spayed. Makes me sad/worried. I hope that everything goes okay. I ended up paying an extra $50 to have them test her before administering anesthesia. Quite a racket they have going on there, but I want to make sure as much as I can. She has to stay overnight. They are also going to be microchipping her. So in case anything ever happens.

We have an audit today and Thursday at work. I'm hoping that I can stay out of it, but my hopes are dimming since the auditors called a little while ago and were looking for me. Cripes! It isn't my job!!!! I have three jobs as it is, thank you. Not to mention the fourth... the biggest one... being counselor to the owner. Hahhahaha.

Anyway, I need to get crack-a-lackin' and get some stuff accomplished!

Oops... forgot that I was tagged the other day and didn't get to it because Blogger was being all spastic.

Name 5 weird things about me or my pet...

1. I have a garlic addiction. I especially love it when it is raw.
2. Kate thinks she is a cat.
3. I have almost always had a stuffy nose (from allergies) so I almost always breathe out of my mouth. Great for snorkeling... not so much for daily life.
4. I have to cocoon when I'm sleeping (multiple blankets and quilts on my side of the bed).
5. Jackamo loves to sit on our chests when we are laying in bed in the morning. He rubs on Tim's beard and will reach out and smack us if we stop petting him.

I don't have anyone to tag... so consider yourself tagged if you haven't done this already!

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MiYon said...

Hey, Kim! I used to be the person who was the first to reply to a blog post almost as soon it was written, always, never failed. Of course, that was when I didn't work, was home all day, and could do what I wanted when I wanted. So different now, but oddly enjoyable. LOL :P

I just took Brit in for a spay, too! And I paid extra for the blood work and the laser surgery. All together, it ended up costing a pretty penny but she's our baby girl... how could I not?? Just picked her up this morning. She's sleeping on my lap right now. :) Give Kate a big hug and kiss for me! I'm making baby talk sounds and puckering up my lips... I'm a sucker for animals.

Haven't done the microchipping yet but that's next on our list.

I can relate to the work situation. I've been in management and I hated it. I am SO that person that wants to be friends with anyone and not to have to deal with hiring, firing, reprimanding... it's just not who I am.

Some people can make you so infuriated at work, but outside of work, as a human being, they're a great friend. So, I understand. Sorry it's conflicting for you. Wish I had more to say on the topic!

Oh, have fun in your scrapbooking class. How cool!!