Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Yay! I'm so relieved.

I waited until 2:08 and then called the vet (they said they'd call between 2 and 3 and if I hadn't heard from them I could call and check on her).

She came out of surgery okay and is resting comfortably!


I emailed Tim and he asked if we needed to stop on the way home to buy her a toy. :)

We don't get to pick her up until tomorrow, but I'm so happy she's okay.

Now I feel silly.

But come on... look at that face. Wouldn't you be worried too?

Sorry it's kinda dark... I didn't have time to edit the pic before I had to leave to pick Tim up.

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MiYon said...

Let's see, this was posted on the 3rd, it's now the 5th, she must be home by now, eh? How is she? Kate is so cute. :)