Monday, July 30, 2007

Flopsy-tops and lack of bottoms

It is a Monday. I am barely breathing. Not literally, but figuratively. I am struggling to stay awake and having a difficult time doing so. I decided to write an entry to breathe some life back into my brain and to get something going in my head.

I can't believe how quickly time is flying by lately. The old saying is "time flies when you're having fun" but I think that it flies even when you aren't having fun. I don't feel like I've been having very much fun lately, and it is just zooming by. It will be nice when this quarter of school is over so I can get some things done around the house. I'll have a little break (a little less than a month) and/or transition between Pierce and Evergreen. I think I'm going to need it. I'm going to work for the next two weeks to get stuff ready for a yard sale. I need to get rid of some stuff and I figure I might as well try the yard sale route and at least try to get a little cash back as opposed to just putting it in the value village/goodwill donation spot. Every little bit helps now that I'm at Davita.

I really need to get some writing done so that I can apply to grad school this fall/winter. Yikes! Writers' Group is tonight. I should have planned better and stayed after work so I didn't have to go all the way home and then back again. But alas, I didn't organize my life. Grrr. I could have used that time to do some writing or at least scan some stuff. I found a whole tote bag of pieces/snippets/pages of writing. I have several binders/notebooks all over the place. I should just spend the time to type them into electronic form, or to scan them in and save them electronically. I really need to do it because some of the stuff is fading and won't be around much longer if I don't. I don't know what the deal was with pens/papers in the 80s & early 90s, but they really needed to jump on the acid-free bandwagon.

On Saturday night, Tim and I were spontaneous and went to see The Simpsons and Live Free, Die Hard at the drive-in. I love the drive-in movies. It reminds me of being a little kid. I was a little disappointed in The Simpsons. I think that they could have come up with a better storyline and then added more of the other characters in. I've seen some really good episodes, but this one didn't really hit the mark. The Die Hard movie was cute though. I guess Bruce Willis wouldn't probably want the audience to think that it was cute, but the interaction between him and the young guy was cute. Jessica called it "delicious" and I can't quite give it a "delicious" rating in my book, but I did like it and was glad that I got a chance to see it. That is one of the other bonuses about the drive-in movies. Two movies for less than you'd pay to see one at the theater. That rocks! Plus, Tim can sleep and start to snore without disturbing anyone. Hahahaha. And we took Kate, which is also fun (for her especially). It does amaze me though, how people feel like, since it is a drive-in movie, they can go looking completely raggedy. I can understand if you do that, but then don't get out of the car and prance up and down all over. If you don't wear a bra, stay in your friggin' car! We don't need to see flopsy-tops all over the place... especially when you don't have the body to pull it off. Gross. This one woman was just a train wreck. Tim said he was disgusted and throwing up in his mouth a little. :) What a funny guy.

That leads me to my next issue however. I am having THE hardest time with underwear lately. I can't find any that are comfortable for any length of time and/or walking. I have one (count it... one) pair that I absolutely love. Then I have about 5 pair that are somewhat tolerable but are starting to fall apart. Now the dilemma. I need to find something that doesn't drive me crazy by falling down or bunching up. I threatened to just go commando, but who can really do that all of the time? I know of a couple of people I've heard of who do it, but that, to me, is beyond the realm of possibility.

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