Sunday, September 02, 2007


photo meetup 089, originally uploaded by scrapsandsass.

Yesterday, Tim and I went along with the photo meetup group and trekked out to "Orting" which was really more like Eatonville. We went to Chase Gardens for a photo field trip. Unfortunately, it was late in the season and there really wasn't anything much, aside from a random flower or two, that was blooming, but we got some nice photos of greenery and stuff.

We had serious camera issues. First, I realized that I didn't have any batteries for my film camera. We decided that we'd head up to Target along the way to pick some up. We got into the car and all ready to go and we were just about ready to turn into Target and Tim realized that he forgot his camera. He went back home and picked it up while I ran into Target. I ended up getting a t-shirt and some socks as well. I had a sock issue and had worn a sweatshirt that was making me extremely toasty, so I thought it would be best to deal with those problems before we got back onto the road.

We got up there with no problem and then realized that Tim didn't have batteries in his camera. I couldn't believe it after all of that. So he ended up using my film camera and I used the digital. About an hour into it, he ran out of film. He went back and loaded up and shortly thereafter, the camera had an error and he couldn't shoot anymore. I had the digital and about the same time Tim was haivng problems with my camera, I ran out of battery power in the digital. Luckily, I had extras, so I was able to finish. Poor Tim didn't get to take many pictures, and he also wasn't used to my camera, so I don't think he had such a great time.

This was one of the pictures I took that I really liked. I don't know why I like weird stuff like faucets, hardware, strange elements, etc, but I do.

I hope that I can get a new digital SLR in the next couple of months so I can expand my learning further and be able to get some sharper images.

It is funny. When I originally bought my film camera, I really wanted a wide-range zoom lens for distance, but now, I just really want a wide-angled lens so I can get good close ups.

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