Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Who's the Math Genius?

I have to share this becuase I simply find it amusing.

Jessica and I were taking the same math class. Several times during the class, she acted like I was not getting it. I did fine on the quizzes and assignments. The only one issue I had was with exponential growth models. I could do the calculations, I just couldn't figure out where all of the numbers/letters were coming from. The book made it extremely confusing, and since it was an online class, I had to rely on her for assistance on that chapter.

So the final week comes and she goes to take the test. She calls me afterward and is all confident and said it was easy. I took it that evening and had nothing but struggles. Not that the test was difficult or that I didn't understand it, but that I used a different calculator. I spent 30-45 minutes of the test trying to figure out how to use the exponent funtion on the damn calculator. The one I used (Jessica's) before, was very straightforward and easy to use. My calculator, on the other hand, was a nightmare. Even Tim couldn't figure it out and he uses scientific/financial calculators every day. (At least that made me feel a little better.) I ended up being creative and using one of the calculations from our notes for one of the problems and then I had to wing it on the other one.

Anyway... I was a little nervous about my test score, but figured that I really didn't care too much as long as I didn't flunk it because I'd done well in the class up to that point. Jessica sent me a text message Tuesday afternoon and told me that she had checked our scores. She got 89/100 on the test and a 2.7 out of the class (she didn't turn some of the assignments in). I was in shock when she told me that I got 98/100 on the test and a 4.0 out of the class in total. Whoo-hoo! I was so excited. One... I was excited to get a 4.0 out of a math class (that was above a 100 level), and two... that was my final math class (as far as I'm concerned) so it was doubly thrilling. :)

*cheesy grin*

It was also a nice way to wrap up my degree at Pierce. In the last six classes, I got a 4.0 in five of them. Yay! Now it is off to Evergreen!!!

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