Monday, November 12, 2007


Today is just a creepy day. One of those dark/stormy days that just makes you want to run for cover and dive back into a comfy bed to snuggle up with a book... or maybe to sit in front of a roaring fire with a cup of cocoa (with marshmallows of course). It is also Veteran's Day. A holiday for most, but not for the peons at Davita. Although I must say, most of the department is out today. There were only two of us on my team (not counting our senior/lead). It is so quiet in here, it is kinda spooky.

I ended up getting to work late today. I was thankful that it was only about fifteen minutes. It could have been much worse. I've been having alarm issues the past few days. Thursday, my alarm didn't go off. It was an old cell phone I was using and for some reason, it is old and sick enough to think that it was plugged into a car adapter with a headphone (even though it wasn't), so it wouldn't ring audibly. So Thursday night, I dig out my old alarm, still with working batteries, and I set it. Friday morning, it doesn't go off. Tim wakes me up at 6:00 for the second morning in a row. eek! Saturday morning, of course, the aforementioned alarm goes off. At 5:30. Can I figure out where the stupid thing is? No. So it just beeps and beeps and beeps until it finally shut itself off. I found it Saturday night and shut it off so it wouldn't bug me Sunday. So yesterday, I run out and buy a new alarm, put a new battery in it, set it, and this morning I wake up to Giacomo meowing, but it was still dark and I couldn't tell what time it was. I went back to sleep (ignoring him because it was the second time he woke me up [the first time was at 3:07]) and then I woke up all of a sudden and realized that it was 6:28. Crud! Luckily, Tim didn't have to work today, so I just scrambled into the shower and out and raced out the door. The other thing in my favor is that traffic was light. I slammed into 7-11, got the dew hookup for the morning and raced to work. The best part of it being a holiday is the fact that the Sound Credit Union is closed. The last holiday they were closed, I realized that there was parking available, so I scooted in here today and parked in the lot. That saved me about 30 minutes time. Time that I didn't have to park, race for the link, wait for it to arrive, then travel down the mile to the office and scamper across the street into the building. Whew! Not to mention, since I have to stay a few minutes later, it will be okay because I save time on the back side too. Yay!

Last week, Julie (my supervisor) asked to see me. The way she started off, I almost thought that she was going to tell me that they were going to be laying me off. (Our overall team workload has been pretty low the past couple of weeks.) She was talking about reducing staffing and how the other teams have all been reduced, blah blah. So it freaked me out for a second, but then she said that I had been identified as a person who is able to multi-task and learn things quickly. So I guess they want to start cross-training me on jobs in the other teams so I can help out. The other teams are basically down to just 2-3 people per team, so it is kind of crazy if someone is sick or something. I told her that I was open to that and that I like to learn new things. I told her that the only thing I was concerned about was working with the other supervisor, but she told me that I'd still be reporting to her and working with the other team lead, so that shouldn't be an issue. We shall see.

I'm very excited because I emailed Idyll Arbor on Friday about the Writing for Wellness book I saw at Tacoma Word! From what I understand, they are looking for people interested in teaching it at hospitals. I would love to do that as an independent study for school. I have thought about doing something similar as a job, so that would be a cool way to figure out if I really like it or not. I had talked to a couple of people before about doing writing as a form of therapy and was thinking about different avenues and how that could lead into my big dream of hosting writing/traveling workshops. :) I'm now on their list to get information about an upcoming teleconference they are going to be holding in regards to the book/hospitals. Cool! I need to do something more than I'm doing here or I'll lose my mind.

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