Monday, February 18, 2008

Blogger Blues

It is hard to keep up with this blog these days. I have to maintain another blog for school, so I'm afraid this one gets neglected. Between work, school, homework, blogging for school, doing household chores, seeing friends/family, and the writing group, I'm barely keeping myself sane… much less focusing on my poor lil' neglected bloggy. :(

Yesterday, I felt really guilty. I spent a lot of time doing things that I really wanted to do. Not things that necessarily needed to be done (like the housework or schoolwork) but it was something that I needed for myself.

I spent a couple of hours in my studio. It was thrilling. I am deep in the planning stages of a "stamp camp" to be held at my house at the end of March, so I needed to get out and see what I had as far as supplies and other assorted goodies. I came up with some design ideas, but then I realized that I don't have very many stamp sets from the new catalog, so I need to go back through and figure out some sketches based on what I have. Anyway, I got some things sorted and my thought process is a little more organized now. That is a very good thing.

And speaking of "it's a good thing"… I went to Artco (in Tacoma) yesterday. I was grossed out by the store (all dingy/dirty) but they did have a line of Martha Stewart crafts! There was a lot of eye candy in that aisle. Almost enough to give you a cavity. The nice thing about it is that it isn't as expensive as I thought it was going to be. For instance, I looked at bone folders over in the regular section. They wanted like $8.00-10.00 for them. It seemed really steep. So then I looked over at MS and happened to see some for $5.00. I was pleasantly surprised. They also have punches that are reasonable.

We went to Stephanie & Casey's for dinner last night. It was soooooo good to see them. It seems like time is just going too fast. I think the last time we got together was before I started working at Davita (which was at the end of last May). Geez! But it is always so good to get a chance to hang out with her. It is like time hasn't passed. Last night, we got on the subject of someone we went to school with, so Steph whipped out her yearbooks from junior high. It totally cracked me up. In 7th grade, I wrote some run-on sentences that were repetitive and lame. By 9th grade, there was an entire page that had "RESERVED FOR KIM" on the top. I filled it too. My writing started out all nice and neat, but then got all wild and crazy. I had written about things that we swore we'd never forget. Most of them we remembered, but there were a couple of less-prominent ones that escaped us now. It was a good evening though. Like being with family… only better because you realize that you've remained close over the years not because you had to and were obligated to like you do with some family… but because you have that bond and you want to remain close. It is a special kind of friendship when you can think about it that way and realize that you've been friends since you were nine… almost thirty years.

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