Monday, March 03, 2008

That Sink-ing Feeling

When I was sick with the flu, I broke our sink. We had a nice pedestal-style sink and it served us well. At some point during the years of service, Emily cracked it somehow. There was a faint hairline crack that irritated us, but really wasn't a problem. Until I was sick. Right before I got the flu, I filled the liquid soap dispenser and forgot how heavy it was. It is a ceramic dispenser and it sat on the back of the sink. When I was sick, I got dizzy and ended up bumping into the sink, knocking the soap dispenser with my elbow. It flew into the sink where it landed, just perfectly, upon the already-there crack. The sink broke. The inside of the bowl broke into a ton of pieces.

So poor Tim was all frustrated about that. We went for a little over a week with the sink in quasi-usable condition, until I felt okay to go to the store with him to pick out a new one.

There were several that I really liked, but they were outrageously priced. So we found a modestly priced one and ended up with that. Poor Tim had to make two more trips back to the Depot and a side trip to McClendon's to get the job done, but he did it without too much of the turrets that he usually has during such a task.

We had gone back up to the Depot (trip #2) to pick out a new faucet. We got one that we really liked, got it home, and found out that it didn't work. He could make it work, but it looked funky. So he tore everything back apart and went back for trip #3. What a guy! So now this is what we have…

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