Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I'm a rock star

Okay... several months ago, Jessica bought the X-Box 360 and Rock Band. I really didn't get into the whole thing because I wasn't interested in the guitar and have seemingly terrible hand/eye coordination when it comes to that game. Next, she bought the drum set that goes along with it, and I was intrigued. But I had too much going with work, school, and family, so I avoided it entirely, which was relatively simple since she had it up in her room. Last night, I went up to talk to her and she was starting to set up to play. Silly me, I thought I'd try *just one* song. I tried the drums and was not having much fun with that whole thing, so she convinced me to try singing instead. Oh boy. I'm not one to sing in public and I don't like to sing around anyone much at all, but I did it anyway, and was hooked. We went through and ended up singing all of the songs I recognized. A couple were harder than I thought they'd be (Ballroom Blitz and something by Boston)... but it was FUN! AND... one of my favorite songs by The Killers was on there, so that totally made me happy. Most of them I scored 98-100% but I was playing on the easy level. Jessica said it does get a lot harder.

Now I'm going to have to practice when no one is home. :) I'll steal that small window of time when I get home and before Tim does, and I'll just sing. Maybe that will release some of the pent up tension I have going on. Let's hope.

Oh yeah... I'm a rock star baby!

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