Thursday, March 19, 2009

Art Dream

Yesterday, I ran across a website that totally got me thinking and into a creative art zone. Then last night, we were messing around with Facebook, and taking a quiz on who our celebrity boyfriend would be. We were talking about tall, dark and handsome, so I think my subconscious mind combined that with the art thoughts I was having earlier in the day and my brain conjured up a real life tall, dark and handsome guy... Oliver... from the gallery. I guess part of me is feeling that I still wish I could be part of it somehow.

In the dream, Oliver had shown up where I work and told me he needed me to help him out with an art project he was working on. He wanted my input. We were all sitting around in a warehouse, and he had a posse of young guys who were art dorks and groupies of sorts.

Oliver pulled out an art piece and it was a huge sheet of paper, but that wasn't all. It was accordion-folded and there were several layers behind it. He unfolded it and it looked like it was going to stretch down the block and then some. I thought it was just the coolest thing. The posse wasn't sure what to do, so they just sat around on old crates while we unfolded the art and stretched it out and held it up to the wall. It was an abstract sort of splatter design all across it, but I knew when I looked at it that it was going to be a huge success, and I was totally excited to get to be part of it.

There was more, but that is all I can remember at this point in the day. Isn't it weird how your mind works while you are not paying attention?

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t said...

I'm telling you: it's an addiction (I think); you jot down a few dreams and suddenly you're the cool kid at work who remembers her dreams with luscious detail.
I hope to read more here.