Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fitful Night

I always take solace in the fact that I can sleep under almost any circumstances.  98% of the time, I will fall asleep and sleep like the dead through the night.  Occasionally, I will wake up, but I generally go right back to sleep and all is good.  Not last night.  I don't know what the problem was, but I woke up at 2:30 and didn't fall back to sleep until about 4:30 (about 45 minutes before the alarm).  Ugh.
To top it off, I had awful dreams.  I had one dream where I was going to borrow JK's car to drive somewhere.  It was icy and her car was a Mercedes Kompressor, which seemed weird because she really drives a BMW.  But I could see the Kompressor spelled out on the back of the car and feel the raised letters.  I climbed into the driver's seat and ahead of me, the road became a luge track.  Nothing but a sheet of ice.  JK was a little nervous about me driving, but she was nice about it considering she wasn't going along.  At some point during the drive, Ray (from Dorado/Techna Pacific) was in the car with me and trying to keep me calm.  I realized that he didn't like me anymore, which was nice, but also made me feel bad... like why he didn't still pine away for me after twenty years was beyond me.  :D  I got out of the car and then it was on a roller coaster track at Enchanted Village/Wild Waves.  I felt fortunate that I got out at the right time. 
I woke up and stayed awake for what felt like forever.  Then I finally fell back asleep and had a nightmare about Tim.  We had gone to a Mariners game and were trying to find something to eat after.  He was sitting at a table with Luis, so I ran to the bathroom.  When I came back, Tim was eating fish and chips.  He hadn't waited for me to order.  I was annoyed with him and went to find the waiter.  They told me that they were closing, so we had to leave. I went back to find Tim, but couldn't find him.  I wandered around inside a long wooden corridor and finally went outside to check and see if he was out there.  Luis was gone, but Tim was with my frenemy.  He was getting into a car with her and he was drunk off his feet.  She was drunk too, and going to drive him somewhere.  I yelled at him to stop, but he got in.  She wouldn't stop.  I ran up to the car and pounded on the window.  She took off and scraped the side of the car on a shipping container as she screeched around the alley.  I chased them down the alley and she crashed.  Tim ended up flying out of the car and into a canal.  I jumped in the water to save him and struggled to pull him along.  We got out of the water safely, and then things shifted drastically.  Passion took us over and we were throwing caution to the wind in the dark alley pressed up against wooden crates.  We were interrupted by one of the crates falling and opening.  A bunch of women dressed in black cat costumes stepped out.  One of them called out "my tongue feels like velvet..."

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T said...

What an adventure!
I loathe the husband dreams like those --- I start feeling paranoid, but then other women say they have similar dreams...