Friday, March 06, 2009

Feeling the Friday Groove

It is Friday.  I'm thrilled.  No, really, I am. 

One of the cool things about this week is the fact that I had Wednesday off.  To me, Wednesday is the best day to have off during the week.  Fridays are good days to have off because it is a 3-day weekend, but then sometimes working on a Friday isn't that bad because people are happier, things seem to go a little smoother, and sometimes there are fun things planned on Fridays.  Mondays are the other 3-day weekend option, but Mondays are gross no matter how you slice them.  If you take Mondays off, when you go to work on Tuesday, it still feels like a Monday and you are a day behind everyone else in the grumpy-Monday factor.  If I could work 4 10-hour days, I would take Wednesdays off.  That way, it totally breaks up the week and you feel like you only have to work a little bit before you get another day off.  Also, if you have a day off in the middle of the week, you can get errands done, doctor's appointments taken care of, etc… and there are far less people to contend with. 
Today is one of those good days where everyone at work is feeling just a little on the relaxed side.  It is sunny.  It is Friday.  It may be so cold you could freeze your toes off if you stood outside too long, but it is still a hint of spring to see the sun.  I've got some of my favorite songs playing… Love Cats (The Cure)… All Summer Long (Kid Rock)… Hot N Cold  (Katy Perry)… Under Pressure (David Bowie/Queen)… Clumsy (Fergie)...the hits keep on coming.  I've also thrown in a little Bon Jovi.  Now when I hear Bon Jovi, I'm reminded of the day in England when we went to Oxford and took a taxi back to school.  The taxi driver had long hair and was a huge Bon Jovi fan.  He was playing a DVD of Bon Jovi's concert.  Fun times. 

There isn't much on our weekend agenda.  I'm totally excited about that.  I hope to take the doggies for a walk at some point (to reduce Bobby's energy level somewhat) and then get some writing done (based off of my notes from National Geographic on Wednesday)(before I forget my inspiration), and I would *really* like to sleep in, although I don't think that is going to happen.
Can you believe that it is already time to move the clocks ahead?  Sunday.  Sheesh.  I saw that on calendar and thought it was a joke or a misprint.  But no, it is true.  Losing an hour of sleep this weekend.  Ugh.

Theresa, a very wise woman, keeps a blog filled with snippets of dreams.  That inspired me to want to keep track of my own since sometime they are very strange.  I don't remember anything from last night, but the night before, I dreamed that my sister was taking her resume to funeral homes.  She was trying to get a receptionist job.  She ended up getting a job out at a funeral home on River Road.  She was going to work on Thursdays from 1-6.  She was thrilled.  :)  I wonder if it will come true.  She needs a job. 

Happy Friday!

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T said...

Bon Jovi in England? That's hilarious! Remember the taxi driver from the London trip: Risha was all like, "let's party!"...
you should totally post your dreams. I'd love to read them.
Let me know if your sister gets a job.