Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Finding Inspiration

What a day.  I hate to say that I am thrilled, but for a moment earlier today, I did feel giddy. 

Poor Tim had to go and have a procedure done.  Believe me, I was not giddy about that.  It was one of those things that comes with being a man getting to be a certain age.  I totally felt for him and was worried about how everything would go.  He did have a little problem with blood pressure dropping because of the sedative and that scared me half to death... but he was okay and relaxed and got back to normal by the evening.

But back to the giddyness.  Having to take him to the appointment, did give me an opportunity to sit in a relatively-quiet place and think about writing.  I had no other options unless I wanted to watch Regis & Kelly and The View.  Ugh.  I had old people flanking me on all sides, and I did not want to listen to their conversations.  I tuned out and picked up a National Geographic.  The February 2009 issue is totally amazing.

I've been feeling the ugly stink of writer's block lately, but that one magazine did more for me as far as inspiration goes than anything has lately.  I wrote notes for an hour, and I didn't even get through the entire magazine (notes-wise).  While Tim and I were waiting for him to be called back, I flipped through the magazine and saw all of the stories, but once he went back for his appointment, I started jotting down notes in earnest, and I wasn't able to finish.  He'd ridiculed me about the fact taht I threatened to steal it, so then I felt like I really couldn't.  I guess I will have to order the back issue online.  There were so many amazing stories, gorgeous pictures, and interesting things to think about.  I could probably get at least twenty poems out ofall of my notes from the magazine.  Very cool.

It is kind of ironic.  I've told the writers' group, several times, to get outside of their comfort zone, pick up an art book or magazine that they don't normally read and find some inspiration.  I guess I should have listened to my own advice.  :D

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I love your photo at the top of your blog: it pops as soon as the page loads and really invites the reader in!