Sunday, April 05, 2009

Weekend Warrior

Tim is snoring.  It is shortly after midnight, so that really isn't a surprise, but his snores, combined with the dogs' snores, is drowning out the tv and becoming rather distracting to the writing process.  Basically, I'm not getting anything written other than notes (ideas), and even those are sparse. 

April is National Poetry Month, so I have been tracking exercises on a couple of sites.  I'm going to use them to get some writing done.  I really need to set aside some time tomorrow to be quiet and put pen to paper. 

Friday afternoon, we took the dogs to the groomer and had their nails clipped.  We hadn't been there before, but will definitely go back.  It was a great deal and they were really sweet.  The babies were quite excited to get out and have some attention lavished upon them.  I need to take some pictures of Bobby over the weekend because the breeder has started a new website, and she wants to show a picture of Bobby.  :)  He is a handsome dog. 

Jessica and I ran up to Ben Franklin after taking the dogs.  I really needed to get some paper to finish my canvas project.  I'd previously bought paper, but it wasn't going to go with the room, and I wasn't feeling good about it, so we looked around for some at BF.  I picked out some Basic Grey, and we were on our way.  Got home and realized that we were out of good adhesive, so it was up to Michael's.  I had a coupon, and we ran across a Basic Grey paper pack, and I decided that it would be better than the other, so we got that.  It is going to be so much better than I originally thought it would be. Yay.

Today we ran up to Target and did some errands, picked up a few things at Old Navy and did some cleaning.  They delivered our furniture and I put up the curtains.  The room is so close to being done.  It is so exciting.  Tim is really pleased with the bedroom and was surprised at how good everything looked.  Silly man.  I knew it all along. 

It has been a productive weekend.

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