Friday, September 25, 2009

Quiet Time

I am on the verge. On the verge of what? I am not quite sure. All this week, I thought that it was going to be a nervous breakdown or a dismembered tongue (from biting through it) because I was trying to hold it together at work. Is the universe telling me to get out of my current job? I think so. Maybe I will listen.  It is just a whisper, and I'm straining to hear it.  But it is there. 

This weekend, I'm excited and looking forward to some quiet time. If Jessica reads this, she will undoubtedly throw a fit because I am a wee bit happy over this alone time, but she will understand in the not-too-distant future when she has her own child and has no free time. Tim is going to visit the kids over in Walla Walla.  I can't go because there is no one to watch the dogs and if we took them along, I'd just be stuck inside a hotel room with them anyway.  Jessica is going down to Oregon to baby-sit her five cousins (she's so crazy!), and I will be basking in the relative quiet of the house. I'm sure Kate & Bobby will keep me distracted, and there will be barking because of the Fair traffic down our street, but I won't *have to* do anything I don't want to do. Joy.

Tonight, is dinner with Eileen, and then I may hit Target for the necessities. Tomorrow, I plan to sleep in (YES!) and do everything in my power to refrain from cooking/cleaning. I'm going to work on writing and then tackle schoolwork.  I might take a nap with the dogs. At some point, I am going to whip out my Pottery Barn book of style/design and try to configure the pictures we need to hang on our office wall. I need to create a big ol' collage and throw my big black G up there.  The book I have gives lots o' ideas and I've got the laser level and am ready to try it. I also picked up a template at Michael's for like $1.99, but it seems that it may be more trouble than it is worth trying to use that. I don't know. We shall see.  But this weekend is all about me.  I never say that… and I never get to say that… but today I am saying it. 

Fall crispness is in the air, and for some reason, when that hits me, I get in the mood to write. I just read a blog post talking about how it is hard to write when it is sunny in the PNW. I never really consciously thought of it that way, but I think she's onto something there.  To me, Fall is all about back to school and time to get serious about getting things done.  I'm most productive in the fall.  Weird.  Hopefully that will be the case with my technical craft & form paper and also in getting some of my creative stuff taken care of.  I need to come up with a batch of new material for the upcoming module.  Eek!

Hopefully I will have accomplished everything I need to accomplish and can feel rested and ready for the week ahead. 


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